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thetanine 05-01-2013 04:44 AM

Andorian Charal Escort Build
I'm thinking of moving to the elite fleet fermion deflector array and the elite fleet covariant shield array from the aegis versions of those systems. I already have the elite fleet efficient combat impulse engines installed on my ship.

I'm looking for advice on making said move.

My ship's full loadout and captain skills are here:

Thanks for your help!

snoggymack22 05-01-2013 07:25 AM

Why are you using beam arrays?

Also if you're using advanced fleet phasers why not just use the advanced fleet andorian phasers?

Why quantums up front and photon in the back? The frontal arc is the arc you want facing all the time, so that would be the photon using arc. Or use both quantums or both photons for consistency.

Also, for your consoles, move the tactical andorian console out of the tactical slot. And put in another phaser relay or even a torp boosting console.

Personally I don't find the 3 pc set bonus worth keeping so I ditched the wing cannon pets.

I'd find the 3 pc bonus less useful on your ship with the fact that you have two torpedo launchers and two beam arrays equipped.

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