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hypl 05-02-2013 03:43 PM

Cannot join fleets
My KDF character cannot join a fleet. I receive the invitation, but when I hit accept, nothing happens.

Anyone else have this problem? It's only happening on one character. My other KDF character was able to join a fleet without any problems.

Clarification: This character was brand new and hasn't been in any fleet.

dato134679 05-03-2013 07:40 AM

I have the same issue on my fed cahracter. Invite received-accepted but nothing.

stanojoski1 05-03-2013 10:13 AM

same issue in my fleet !!!

dato134679 05-03-2013 12:00 PM

Sure hope they fix it. No way I'll keep playing if i don't get fleet heavy escort carrier... Thats why i left my fleet temporarily to join other fleet with T5 shipyard... Funny how that worked out.

ukkorby 05-03-2013 12:04 PM

Strange issue.....

I'm assuming you have left your current fleet before trying to join another one?

dato134679 05-03-2013 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by ukkorby (Post 9642761)
Strange issue.....

I'm assuming you have left your current fleet before trying to join another one?

Of course. I still have no ida what the cause of this bug is... I even invited myself from the same computer with my other char, and tge same-got invite, accepted but still without a fleet.

mirrorterran 05-04-2013 10:33 AM

I am also having this problem....

considering I discovered it while in the process of trying to make one makes it 10X as annoying.

coldfusion2012 05-05-2013 03:02 AM

same problem
i got same prob with 2 of my main fed toon's yesterday i dropped out of my main fleet too create a new 1 i was curious on stuff like what you can do when running a fleet i intended on leaving main toon in my main fleet and 1 toon running a small fleet to get the exp of how things work and what ya can do.
however when i created the fleet 3 of the people i created it with was in the fleet and the toon that should have been running it was not even in the fleet i thought it may have been because i had a toon in main fleet so i dropped that 1 out and still the same prob the invite is sent but when i accept nothing not even a error message,just to be sure i used a alt toon to get in too the fleet and assume control
however the 2 toons i dropped out of fleet can not join any fleet i have altered privacy setting backwards and forwards, changed maps,changed ships verified the game and still nothing for those 2 toon's can not get into any fleet
normally i would'nt mind but i have lobi,ships,and fleet weapons, dilithuim claims which cant be moved off these toon and i grinded my ass off too get them otherwise i would just move all off and deleate the toons it would mean releveling a toon but thats something i could live with
however seen as this is not just a prob i am having i hope it gets fixed soon i am not a very patient person and i am ready too stop my monthly sub for gold membership and quit
i dont like being isolated outside my fleet as for some reason despite me turning fleet invites off i still get them when i switch too a toon that is in a fleet and switch back to a toon outside fleet

tombath 05-05-2013 11:41 AM

I'm having the same problem.

hcuar 05-05-2013 02:53 PM

Did anyone ever get this fixed?

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