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Archived Post 01-16-2010 03:24 AM

A few bugs I noticed
Having fun with this game, thought I'd point out a few bugs I noticed while playing my first night...

Exiting to windows with either control alt delete or accidently with that cursed windows key results in the game not responding.

Sometimes members of my away team appears as ships, or my captain does, and sometimes my ship looks like my captain. Each instance happened on only one occasion and one time a restart of the program was needed to cure it. (though I did not try zoning in and out.)]

One time when I wapred the ship animation stayed behind while the warp effect animation occured. A moment after the ship should have dissapeared at the edge of space, the still immobile ship simply disapears.

When accepting missions with a mouse click it sometimes takes 2 or three clicks on the missiona accept buttion to register a selection.

Thanks for the beta, i'll be sending any more bugs I experience this way.

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