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fiveofme 05-04-2013 03:47 AM

Temporal Incursion: A PvP focused Fleet is looking for new members.
Temporal Incursion is looking for new members interested in learning the aspects of PvP based combat.

What we can provide to you:
1. Friendly active players who enjoy all things Trek!
2. We currently have a Tier 3 Starbase and a Tier 2 Embassy with alternate access to anything up to Tier 5.
3. Financial assistance in obtaining builds used for PvP purposes.
4. Teamspeak 3 connectivity for precise coordination of team play.
5. We maintain an good combat record with approximately a 90% victory rate in PvP matches.
6. We have very experienced PvP leaders willing to help guide and train newer players of every class.
7. While our primary mission is space-based PvP, many players have extensive ground-based experience as well.

What you must provide:
1. Ability to connect to Teamspeak 3. (Headset/Microphone not required but highly encouraged)
2. Level 50 toon, any class, any rep level, any trait (Still like your old fleet, stay connected with them and port an alt to our fleet!)
3. Willingness to experiment with various changes, builds, and methods.
4. Fresh attitude and ability to get along!

Addendum: We are a small fleet with 15 current active members whose time-zones very and will not be recruiting more than 20 more additional members in total. An initial "leaderboard based" donation of 200,000 is typically required before access to our provisions, however, this can be temporarily waved. We focus on PvP, not PvE, and it is assumed that member participation will be centralized around that goal.

To contact us, you can reply to this thread or send an in-game mail to Temporal Incursion's Director Five of me@Five-of-me (preferred).

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