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Archived Post 01-16-2010 05:23 AM

The Trouble With Tribbles
Quick one. When I Equip a Tribble one any of my BOs when I beam down they start to use the tribble although there health is at 100%. This then leads to a basket type thing (Looks like a Texture error) forming around there hands. Over the course of the mission this gets worse until it almost engulfs the screen making the mission unplayable. I have to log out and back in to start the process again.

Removing the Tribble solves the problem so I know it is indeed when its Equip.

Note: I have all the latest drivers and have tried 3 different driver version back to 8.12, ATI Ofc.

Another bug. I run in 1280x1024 max settings. On the Initial loading screen. My screen goes into Widescreen and I get random GFX showing in what should be the dark boarders at the top and bottom of the screen. I have tried different aspect ratios but none change it. Its nothing major and only does it on the initial loading screen.

Noticed a few others but think most have been reported.

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