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jonpark020979 05-05-2013 08:44 AM

I.S.A Romulan Fleet
Hello Captains,

I am Vice president and Vice Admiral Jon Park of the Interstellar Alliance. I am requesting your assistance in repairing and advancing a great fleet. We are a small fleet but have gotten to Tier 3 and almost to Tier 4.

We have post's in our fleet that are open to everyone and have weekly meeting were all are welcome to come and have a voice. We are currently looking for a commanding officer for our KDF side and other post's in and around the fleet. We also have made a name for the next fleet the I.S.A. Romulan fleet when legacy of Romulas is released.

I invite all who want join a fun and great fleet to join The Interstellar alliance (fed) The house of Korrd (KDF) and the ISA Romulan Fleet (RRF) today

Have a great day and see you in-game

Vice President Jon Park
Vice Admiral
U.S.S. Nevada
Fleet Tactical escort retrofit

Future romulan Player May 21st

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