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originalspock 05-06-2013 03:02 AM

Live Chat
Does PWE or Cryptic offer live chat anymore? I have had an issue of trying to recover accounts that are connected to email servers that have significant delays or issues in receiving the recovery. Also the style of email accounts settings incompatible with some websites due to their unique extensions.

wykin 05-06-2013 02:34 PM

I use this thread to demonstrate!

Why does it say

Hello Captain!

At this time, you may only post replies to threads that have already been created. After a certain amount of time has passed since your registration date, you will be able to create new threads in forums that allow it.


The Star Trek Online Community Team

.. I AM a veteran of this game!
Now i have some question to a !maybe! comeback and cant even post.

Looking to the right side u see i got 1 post and joined may 2013.
Mhh, yet my account say "Subscribed For: 330 Days".

So, two questions:
1. Is there a list with information (bo slots, console slots...) on ALL playable ships? The only one i knew was from spider or.. but this is no more. I first want to think about what i play and without this info.. nope.

2. Is there now a option to change race/faction on a excisting char?
Legacy looks tempting... but i for sure wont level up another char.
So only way is to change race/faction of one or more of my excisting chars (for zen.. but not like 20 euro) so i can play a reman/romulan.

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