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salamiinferno 05-07-2013 05:37 PM

Official Legacy of Romulus Klingon Progression Feedback Thread
This thread will cover the arcs "Empire" through "Vigilance". Please leave all bugs, feedback, comments, and concerns here.

This content is only available to players in the Legacy of Romulus Closed beta.

blagorm 05-07-2013 05:47 PM

Tutorial: The FED Ship Wacthing Us As We Transport
Overall Edit Note: I am sorry I am so critical but we came too far to be given "Third Class Content"

Well... the FEDERATION ship was visible while the two Klingon ships were prisoner exchanging.... and I know that's not suppose to happen by the dialogue. Also... the other ship phased and that lookd weird as well. PLease check this out.

------- EDIT ------

There are also some dialoges missing as well from First Officer after you take control of ship. (EDIT: Battle Stations Text)

---- EDIT 2 -------
Same with when you find the Sepla instead it is with the Spela Captain

----- EDIT 3-----
Lag or No Federayion Vessle To Kill for Saving the Sepla.

EDIT 4-------

The fact that the Klingons call the Federation "Feds" really disappoints me to think of what will happen later in the 1-20 and beyond... rather it be "cut-short" dialogue like saying 5 words and BAM! Mission Over.... No VO or Missing VO... very disappointing cause I already see people talking about it.. and the Federation (Notice how I am using Federation, NOT FEDS :D) has a lot of VO, and good quality too... et cetera with story line.

Also invcluding, I would like to say thank you for doing this, but I really hoped that you would have put more time into it... for if I had 3 Edits just for the Tutorial... I am afraid this post will take up a lot of space.... :(

EDIT 5----

Prisoner Break.... 1: WAY TOO CHESSY AND WEAK 2: Again no VO before and after at the Exchange Room AND At Prison and possibly more after so by how I see things.... I feel like I'm playing Foundry Missions.... please guys try to ummph up the content... its way to weak for my perspective compared to what you did in the tutorial... "Doran is dead.... I understand.... (Yah...Good Going...) And you get the deal... Compared to "THAT PETA'Q.... YOU *Klingon language" etc. PLEASE put more interesting content. (EDIT OF EDIT:) Yah I saw him... Now Go.... (I'm telling yah I feel like its Amateurs dialogue...)

EDIT 6--- (Getting the Picture?)

Hunt is On: First.... how did they know it was federation base... Two, No VO, Three.... as said before... weak talking and content. Four: No Picture for the Pop-Up Chat...

Five: Explaining the Weak Content... How did they know about the Bombs? Again... how did they plan to do something IF they did not know what lay ahead?.... YOUR TOO LATE (shall I do the evil cocking now and say YOU CANT DEFEAT ME?) *sigh* "That Door Looks Promising... (WHAT DOOR?) *sigh*
Also VERY LIGHT Interrogation on the Spy... I know kittens that are more scary than what I had to say!
A Transporter Pad! (SO WHAT?!?!.... You just randomly assume you have to do Reroutes? YOU DID NOT EVEN TEST THE PAD OR TRY TO HACK IT!) And again... weak dialogue... Klingons are strong.. they just don't say HES GETTING AWAY.. GET HIM attitude... They talk about honor etc... (P.S. IM a Gorn as You may See....)
Ending on this mission... Weak Ending... Go Get Him.. You have Warp Trail, Id Recommend you Follow That... (LIKE REALLY? Can't WAIT To See How Edit 7 Will Be!

EDIT 7---

Space Chase: Weak: If they are here, they will hear it.... not to mention it just goes straight into the other "search the system objective" right after.
Also, DONT GIVE THE OPTION OF PEACE IF THERE IS NONE! I don't want to go though text just to have to fight anyways!

ask4spock1 05-07-2013 06:27 PM

Music in Tutorial
The music in the tutor is too loud. I can barely understand the VO's

ask4spock1 05-07-2013 06:47 PM

Rankin up Voice Over - Sounds like a Game Show Host
Romulan LOR - The guy saying Congratulations Citizen sound like a game show host.

I'm not playing the Price is Right!! I'm Playing Star Trek

eppee 05-07-2013 06:47 PM

What I was able to get up to was very nicely done, very good klingon feel. I reported the bug that stopped me from progressing in the bug reports.

The method of progressing ranks is awesome, and something I had been begging for since launch :D.

I do feel if I am to use a Klingon dagger in a cut scene that I should have one on my toon, jus' sayin' :D lol.

I do feel there should be accolades based on if you go the talk first or shoot first approach.

phenomenaut01 05-07-2013 09:50 PM

First off, I get a really good feel of where you're going with this, but right's a big steaming pile of "ugh" :D

1) Fed ship is visible during the cut-scene, which really kills the suspense. No worries, I know that's something that you'll fix.

2) Transitions between the gameplay and the cut scenes are extremely rough at the moment. For example, When I was in my bunk, I was able to very briefly see the downed crew members before the cut scene happened.

3) The rifle given to the player initially seems incredibly underpowered (or the NPC enemies are overpowered) compared to the Fed and Rom starting weapons, which seem to be more "one hit wonders". This slows down the combat of the entry level exchange, and thus makes the action come to a crawl.

4) Likewise, the dialogue overall seems to stop everything in it's tracks. I admire the voice over work, and the "Klingon-ness" of the whole thing, but it really doesn't flow very well. Klingon's are about actions, not words. I realize that there are certain things that need explaining, but this really grinds things to a halt.

Maybe all of my comments on the dialogue are colored by my understanding of the game since I've been playing since the beginning, but I think there's a lot of unnecessary "color" dialogue in there that would make even Worf roll his eyes.

I'm not saying it's all horrible, nor am I saying it should be as terse as "Good tea. Nice house." But I think if I was a Captain on a Klingon ship and my new first officer took so long to get the point I would very quickly be looking for a new first officer. :D

Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to taking part in the entire progression though the Klingon ranks. Long overdue!

tyroid 05-07-2013 09:58 PM

2 Tutorial Bugs & 1 question
Klingon Tutorial
First City > Exiting the Prison: You can ?talk? to Thraak, but he has no dialogue?

Friend or Foe > Report to K?mtar: Reported to K?mtar, he said he?d speak to Sirella and that?s it, stuck at that point?

D'k tahg: Saw one used a few times in the tutorial, any chance we?ll get it as a melee weapon?

dukedom01 05-07-2013 11:42 PM

I managed to get myself stuck in the Tutorial somehow.

[Tutorial]: Your New Command
* Rescue the Seg'pa

does not progress. I do not know what I did to fail it in the first place but after logging out and coming back after the usual time for a proper map reset the Seg'pa now is gone missing. :D

psiameese 05-08-2013 12:30 AM

Something that the Romulan tutorial does well is with regard to NPC dialogue. With brief pauses for our Captain to reply. Even with single sentence comments or a question to perpetuate the conversation. Which keeps the NPC dialogue from running on. But the KDF tutorial doesn't do this. They just keep talking and explaining to the point of almost running out of breath. The text does indicate a pause between sets of lines. Which should be better taken advantage of.

For example, when the ship is attacked, we get this long-winded communication from the First Officer. Lots of rattling bulkheads and distant weapon impacts all the while. This happens again following our sharing of the decoded message we loot off the Starfleet boarding party. We're being talked at. Not talked to.

Of course,
this is a shared tutorial experience and player's will have to get past any my KDF Captain wouldn't talk like that sentiment. I realize that a KDF Captain can be any of the allied species within the Empire. Not just a Klingon. So the tone of our interjecting an observation or a question needs to be quick and without specific cultural language. Beyond some common Klingon commands or exclamation which would be shared between the allied Ferasan, Orion, Klingon, etc.

noven2000 05-08-2013 12:46 AM

Klingon BOFF

Originally Posted by salamiinferno (Post 9747651)
This thread will cover the arcs "Empire" through "Vigilance". Please leave all bugs, feedback, comments, and concerns here.

This content is only available to players in the Legacy of Romulus Closed beta.

The content is nice I have one question why aren't the KDF Faction Giving the opportunity to pick there boff specialty. And secondly will KDF lvl 50 players get the opportunity to get that bridge officer if they have reached lvl 50?

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