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wwPOLARww Bug Report 01/16/10
Bug Report wwPOLARww
Iím not sure if these have been reported, here is a rundown on what I have found.

Skill Points for Crew Members: There has been several occasions when assigning skill points to members of your crew, the points will not save and are lost forever. A message saying unable to save skill changes comes up. Only my security officer has any advancement points assigned, My science and engineers have actually lost their points.

Steps: I found the best way to have this happen is quickly assign points to one crew member, and switch to another crew member to assign points as fast as possible.
Rendered Mesh/ Model loading errors.

Meshs will load into places they obviously donít belong along with the movement physics. Your ship loads with the away team, your character will load in space. I will include some website address with some screen shots of the issue

Usually this happens when on a patrol mission, either beaming with the away team or and the conclusion.

Hope this helps

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