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keistermatz 05-09-2013 12:50 PM

Borg invasion suggestions
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I have a suggestion about the Defera invasion zone, something that has started to bother me.

I realise that the base camp is supposed to have been put up in a hurry, but it still looks weird that the encampment perimeter is made out of cloth, without any checkpoints at the entrances, guarded by a couple of fire teams with rifles.

I'd like to suggest that the camp gets a much needed upgrade to a secure fence, and that the entrances are fortified with a parapet (I think it's called) for fire teams to take cover behind, and perhaps a few of those burst turrets. I mean, get a team of combat engineers down there, and they'd have it up by mid-morning.

(and yes, I am aware that this is only a cosmetic change)

Furthermore, Isn't it time to either accept that Defera has been overrun, or better yet, liberated? I'd like to see a more decisive strike against the Borg, where the ground combat zone is moved to Vega colony. That would be an excellent opportunity for a future season, and give a nice excuse to rework the open ground mission structure and allow us to bring a BOff to the field like on New Romulus! I know pople have asked for that before.

keistermatz 05-20-2013 04:51 PM

Should this thread be moved to the Reputation System subforum? If so, could some mod please see to it?

(yes, I posted this in my other thread as well, it seemed like a valid concern)

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