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woodyice2470 05-14-2013 01:47 PM

My Charal Escort Build Advise please
Hi i would like to be able to deliver as much damage as possible but also stay alive as well.

Here is a link to My Build

Any advise would be very welcome.


skollulfr 05-14-2013 06:10 PM

pick a single energy type & the consoles to go with it.
kumari wing cannons are phaser, so you want a phaser boat of you want to max your damage.

ditch the csv for a thy 2
ditch the thy 1 for a tt1

since you are running [borg] weapons im guessing this is a PvE/stf boat rather than pvp,
which means staying alive will get you more dps than your eptw, so 2 eptS and 1 engie team 2. which will also work better with the borg regen shields. running one of those warp core(?) for the power level boost with eptX may also help your build.

quantum & chroniton torps have better spike damage than photon too.
an a2b build with 2 torp powers is where photons & transphasics do better. for me at least.

piney89 05-14-2013 06:13 PM

Hello, your link goes to a blank skill planner page, maybe you forgot to save your build? EDIT: apparently It's just me that can't see your build :(

Anyway, here's what I currently use on my Charal for pvp with good success, and of course it behaves well on pve too. click here

it's pretty straightforward: cicle your epts1 along with your tactical teams in order to keep your shield intact, and throw in TSS2 for additional heal and damage resistance when required. RSP it's for when your're out of shields and normal heals. Hazard Emitters 1 is your hull heal. I also use 2 purple shield distribution doffs, those allow me to regenerate my shields when using brace for impact for additional survivability. Attack pattern delta will give you more hull damage resistance as well debuffing your opponent's one when you get fired upon.

About offensive abilities, the 4 dual heavies + rapid fire are there to take down shields, while the dual beam bank + beam overload 3 are used mainly to quickly bring down the hull. Occasionally you may want to use beam overload on the shields too if you see that your cannons are not enough.
Attack pattern alpha + attack pattern omega are there to boost your alpha strike. attack pattern omega will also make your ship more agile, will add some hull damage resistance and will let you fly away when held.

snoggymack22 05-14-2013 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by piney89 (Post 9936551)
Hello, your link goes to a blank skill planner page, maybe you forgot to save your build? EDIT: apparently It's just me that can't see your build :(

I can't see it either. And I fly a charal myself so was all hyped to try and give advice.

Ah well.

vyperwoo 05-14-2013 08:17 PM

Here is what I use on my Khyzon for PvE.

I also was unable to bring up your build from the link.

oronzox 05-14-2013 11:28 PM

Hello, i fly a charal and i'm interested. Why you choose antiproton weapons?
I'm looking for a good weapon set for stf missions.

fleischmanntv 05-15-2013 04:17 AM

This should be the correct link:

piney89 05-15-2013 09:25 AM


Hello, i fly a charal and i'm interested. Why you choose antiproton weapons?
I'm looking for a good weapon set for stf missions.
I've chosen antiproton because when I crit, I crit harder with them, especially with my BOIII.
pve-wise disruptors are also very good, and of course also plasma with all the boosts from the romulan reputation stuff.


This should be the correct link:
cheers that works

to the OP: now that I've seen your build I'll give you my personal advice:

- if you want to go for maximum damage go with one energy type only so that you can fill your tactical consoles slots with consoles that boost only that specific energy type so all your weapons will receive a bigger damage increase overall.

- if you want to use the wing cannons (which are phasers) you should use phasers also for your other energy weapons so they can all benefit from the phaser consoles. Otherwise you either have your wing cannons with less damage because your boosting your other energy type weapons with different consoles, or you'll boost the wing cannons only, having all your other energy type weapons doing less damage.

- if you want more staying power under fire don't use the borg shield because of it's low capacity. I've found I can survive much longer if I use high capacity shields, ideally the maco ones or the elite fleet ones (if you can get access to them)

- if you put points in warp core potential, warp core efficiency and weapons performance in your character skill tree you should reach 125 weapon power without the 2 plasma distribution manifold. Instead try putting there some neutronium alloy, they will provide a universal damage resistance buff.

- if you want to live longer you should use a 2nd tactical team

- try out epts1 instead of eptw1 since you don't really need more power if you're already at 125 and you're not using beam overload. and if you already hit 125, with 4 dhc and one torp you should be able not to suffer from any excessive power draining.

- you may want to replace engineering team 1 (it will conflict with your copies of tactical team) with a second hazard emitters

snoggymack22 05-15-2013 09:34 AM

I'd only use the wing cannons if you plan to use any of the consoles that come with it. If you're dumping the consoles, then I'd say stick with Antiprotons, and dedicate your ship to those.

vyperwoo 05-15-2013 10:06 AM


pretty sound advice

A few things that I would add

Get a subspace field modulator, it's a mission reward that goes in a device slot, will keep you alive longer.

Every dps escort build should include a zero point module and tachyokinectic converter. You get the Zero Point module from the Romulan reputation system, tier 2. The tachyokinectic converter cost 200 lobi from the lobi store.

If you are going to run an armor console, run neutronium not ablative.

Attack Pattern Beta 3 will get your dps than Rapid Fire 3, Attack Pattern Beta 3 increases drops the targets resistance for you and everyone else. Fire on my mark, attack pattern beta 3 and high yield 3 will do some really nice damage.

Unless you are planning on spamming photons with 3 purple projectile doff's, then run something with more damage like a quantuam.

Never throw your universal consoles in your tactical slots, if you are worried about taking damage remember, the longer they are alive the longer they are shooting you.

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