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Archived Post 01-17-2010 09:07 PM

Poor A.I.
I'm not sure if it should go with the bug section but anyway.

Am I the only one that find the A.I. of ours B.O. to be really poor? I just finished secret order and it was a pain in the ass. The section in the facility was a nightmare as my B.O. seem incapable of following me. They will get stuck at nearly each corner, obstacle, when they are not trying to jump in the wall. If iam not careful, I'll enter a fight alone. They fight well in open terrain, but have a lot difficulty simply following me.

Do you have the same problem?

(sorry if a thread allready exist, I did not see one)

Archived Post 01-18-2010 04:00 AM

I noticed too that in narrow pathways the NPCs get stuck behind doors.

For me it worked to set a rallaypoint for them so they keep following you. Also you can set waypoint right before your next fight, so they will show up as the fight starts.

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