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boumazza 05-21-2013 02:28 AM

Fleet Assault cruiser refit build

I have a few questions about my build as Engineer captain of Fleet AC refit.

I've made my profile on Skill planner for easier view.

I know my skill points are ****, because I used them when I didn't know a thing about STO. I will get a retraining token soon. I would appreciate any suggestion you might have. I mainly just PvE.

My DOFF setup: 2x purple conn off, 2x blue shield distribution off and 1x warp core enginner( the one that gives extra when using emergency power )

I currently use Omega torpedo for 3p bonus, but since that 3rd bonus isn't really that good I might consider using some other torpedo. Any suggestions? Also what kind of beam arrays do you preffer for PvE?

Thanks in advance

smokeybacon90 05-21-2013 02:59 AM

Most stuff looks in order to me. A few points:

I wouldn't rely on Engi Team 3, especially as you have Aux2SIF3. It also conflicts with Tac Team. You could replace this with EptW3, or Warp plasma 2, or DEM, or another RSP...

Consider getting 3 damage control engineers, which will reduce the cooldown on your emergency powers, so you only need 1 copy of each. You could get rid of the shield dist doff, and one of the conn officers.

Another approach is the aux2bat with purple technicians, but that requires a bit of investment as the doffs are getting more expensive.

For torpedoes, I would always recommend the wide angle torp, and hopefully you bought the Assault Refit. This torp means you do not have to break broadsides.

You have invested well into AP beams already and I see no reason to switch, unless you decide to go PvP.

dragonsbite 05-21-2013 10:11 AM

This is my tanking build and does over 10k dps.

Go Romulan, Disruptor or Plasma, in that order. Along with embassy sci consoles to increase plasma damage in the case of the 1st and 3rd choice. Disruptor proc is biggest damage increase of any weapon proc and it helps your team's dps and not just yourself.

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