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roshido 05-21-2013 10:57 AM

Proteus Romulan Guild
Hello all. Like most other guilds, Proteus is expanding its guild with the new update. As a fleet we have been around for about 8 1/2 years, and we've been in STO since launch. Very laid back, basically our only rule is to stay active. The first two promotions are done via 2 week periods, so we have no donation requirements for general ranks. Our fleet is already at tier one for military, sci, and engineering, so we are working up our starbase to be self sufficient.

As a fleet we love to run PvE, STFs, and just help all of our members out. If you want to join a great group of friends boldly leaping into the next expansion, just ask. We do have a ventrilo voice server, so when you get an invite please just check the guild info, or just ask in chat. We are currently about to start a new uniform and fleet name competition, so please hop on in and enjoy the fun

To get your invite, /channel_join Proteus. Just be sure to specifiy Federation, KDF, or if you are a romulan and your allegiance. Our KDF allied brother join our House of Proteus, and our FED allied brothers join our new Romulan guild



Proteus Romulan Fleet Co-Leader

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