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mageoftsw 05-21-2013 12:08 PM

[FED] Silent Warriors - Adult Gaming Since 2001

Founded : 2001
Website :
Timezone : Global
Fleet Type : Progression/PvX

Silent Warriors Gaming...
Silent Warriors are all about having fun and gaming together. We love to PvP, raid, craft, hang out, quest and just BS in TeamSpeak If you want a fleet that plans to progress through the content and kill as many enemies in PvE and PvP as we can get our weapons into then your at the right place.

Silent Warriors have been around since 2001 and has grown into a large gaming community so we are not a fly by night Community, we are here to stay for the long run. We have many years of experience with pretty much anything gaming wise. We are not looking for elitist(though some of us are a little full of ourselves), we are looking for people who like to have fun, can take a joke and maybe even throw one back. People who like to make friends (and some rivalries in jest) and just game together.

If this sounds like the Community for you then feel free to keep reading...

Age 18+
TS3 - no mic? No problem!

What SWG can offer You!
1. A Community of gamers, not just another boring Fleet

2. Interesting chats in voip

3. A gaming experience that is drama free

4. A place to relax and know that its a game not a job

5. A lifetime of friendship

6. A kitten via U.S. Postal Service (Don't blame us if it gets lost in route!)

7. Friendly members who don't mind helping

8. The occasional hardware and/or software giveaway.

9. and much much more! Give us a try and see for yourself.

How to join:
Stop by our website @ register and join the site then hover over "join community" and choose STO Division or contact us in game by hitting "O" go to "Find Fleet" in the search type in "Silent" hit "search" and hit "details" button on Silent Warriors. It will give you a list of anyone who can invite that is online.

SWG YouTube | SWG Twitter | SWG Facebook

Our Partners...
Wounded Warrior Project - Wounded Warrior Project helps the thousands of wounded warriors returning home from the current conflicts and to provide assistance to their families.

Silent Warriors Scholarship Fund - The Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to any college-bound person based on direct familial relationship to a Reconnaissance Marine, academic achievement, and financial need.

gavner81 05-31-2013 02:17 AM

We are still looking for a few solid captains, come check out the website or get on TS3 with us.

mcamis 11-27-2013 09:46 AM

We've added a couple of people in the past day or two.
It's been fun getting to know the new guys.
Hopefully, we'll add a few more soon.
Many projects are underway with a shift to refocus efforts into our dilithium mine underway.
Hail me if you are looking for a fleet!
In game you can reach me @qulhoh ... or leave a message here, of course.
Spotty, out

mcamis 11-29-2013 08:59 AM

We've added a few captains to our roster in the past few days.
Fine folks all.
We're still looking for more fine folk to join us.

Soon, we will be starting inter-faction fleet events...
It won't be the same without you!

Hail me here or in game at @qulhoh.


plaktow 03-06-2014 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by mcamis (Post 13755241)
We're still looking for more fine folk to join us.

Hail me here or in game at @qulhoh.

Oh, don't be afraid to contact him even if you're not. After a few ... erm... constructive comments from the fleet gurus you will be just fine :)

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