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erkyss2 05-21-2013 07:13 PM

New IMPROOVED trico mines
Well title speak for itself.. to see this new mines in action skip to 16:00 in the video.
Offcourse these mines should be tested out still soo...


Also one (stupid?) question , how the hell i turn links into words, eg. TO "link" ??

guriphu 05-21-2013 07:40 PM


flip the \ to a / to get


skurf 05-22-2013 05:38 AM

Does anyone have the new stats for tric mines and tric torps?....and did a regular tric mine create a Tholian web around that ship? I'm confused.

stirling191 05-22-2013 05:41 AM

It's a tholian web mine, not a tricobalt. From the Nukara rep.

edalgo 05-23-2013 09:26 AM

Kill the tric bombers!

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