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indyshark 05-22-2013 06:59 AM

Help with Woven Crystal armor upgrade!
I really screwed up. I thought I had a MK XII suit of woven crystal armor, and I had the old suit with no level. I started an upgrade in the reputation system and now I can't finish it. I have enough lobi to pay for an upgrade, but I can't find the upgrade in the store.

Can someone help me remove this project from my reputation system? PLEASE!:mad:

captainbailey 05-22-2013 08:31 AM

Oh they know about this, THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS BEFORE THIER TWO EMERGENCY MAINTENANCES but still DIDNT ADD THE FEATURE IN. in two days people will ready to upgrade to tier 2 and will be stuck and fall behind.

I posted about it about an hour before anyone else with no reponse from cryptic then once about 100 other people started complaining then we got an answer they knew about it and were working to resolve it, unfortunately they haven't and it doesn't look like they are any time soon.

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