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magnumstar 05-22-2013 04:07 PM

Do you like a challenge?
The other night I was bored and decided to hop in my fighter and go looking for some action. I looked around the Omega Leonis map and my eyes lit on N'vak, I thought this should give me plenty of excitement as well as a challenge.

Upon entering the zone I noticed I had one ship (Fleet Corsair FD Cruiser) on my side and 3on the opposing side. I didn't want to get involved with teaming all I wanted to do was blow something up and see how well my fighter performed when facing the Borg. I found out that I could take on up to 5 probes and a single sphere and come out grinning, any more probes than that or a combination of probes and spheres it got a bit hairy.

I noticed at one point the guy on my team was getting the worst of the battles he was having with the Borg and opposing team which consisted of a Fleet Scourge and 2 BoPs. So I decided to lend him a hand. As you know a fighter is a very small ship and it must be hard to see because I could fly up to the opposing team ships and hit them with a tractor beam broadside (I use the assimilated gear) and pound away at them. I destroyed the BoPs several times this way. It surprised the heck out of them and mad them more than a little mad, they chased me all over the map, sometimes they would catch me and other times I would get away and hide then sneak in on them again.

The Scourge was a bit tougher, most of the time I only gave him a good wounding and only once did I manage to make him space dust. It was at this point he called me names that insinuated I had no father and had carnal knowledge of my mother, he left the zone shortly after enlightening me of this.

I found the shuttle size craft are the perfect ships for PvP. You have no builds or buttons to fall back on, with the limited gear you can equip it all comes down to skill and tactics which is what PvP should be about anyway. I hope they come out with a PvP option for the smaller ships.

So for those of you bored with things being too easy in your big ship take a ride in your shuttle and see what you can do.

lake1771 05-22-2013 05:50 PM

you should have finished the bop off with a poignant 'weeeeeeeeeee'

good post,

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