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johngazman 05-23-2013 07:45 AM

Ha'apax Advanced Warbird Skins
After opening a mirror Ha'apax and discharging it, I discovered that my regular Ha'apax warbird cannot change it's material type from what comes as standard. In the ship outfitter, the material is stuck on and this does mean that when you then beam to your ship, the ship is not the material you selected.

To note, switching to the Haakona skin allows you to change material fine, but not on the Ha'apax.

bladestorm6824 05-24-2013 08:34 AM

I got the Ha'Apax on the Tribble server and while I love the design, I feels its lacking in turning ability not to mention is Engineering oriented hence why when I get to Sub-Admiral this time I'm going to get the Ha'Feh as its smaller and Tactical oriented, since I mainly use Escorts in STO as I prefer to dominate my enemies with speed and accuracy over being a Tank.

Though speaking of Escorts and this is off subject so I apologise, I find the fact STO has the Prometheus listed as an Escort and not a Cruiser which is is in Star Trek, surprising.

Though I can understand why they did it since the Prometheus class is for all intensive purposes geared towards combat.

But getting back to the main point about the Ha'Apax, I do love the design as it has a very natural look to it like as was mentioned in the first post, an Owl.

Though it is supposed to have a separation ability though those that have it will have to confirm this as it didn't have it on the Tribble server.

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