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Archived Post 01-18-2010 05:43 PM

My list of bugs to date...18th 2010
fix the zoning bug D/C .. ( i know your installing new servers this week) but You're a huge gaming company didn't plan for this?

Fix the zoning to ground missions as a ship ... space as a character.

Fix or activate the ships sensor and other components that are currently not working. How can we test BALANCE if our ship components aren't even working.

Fix AND THIS IS MY PET PEEVE ,... Fix the instance popups for encounters so you can CHOOSE which instance you want to join. Right now they pop up and before you can even read them they decide your instance and disappear.

THE instance popup should have been been fixed along time ago. It should pop up and then stay. Then you should be able to scroll it and decide which instance you want to join. or even decline joining that instance.. It's my biggest peeve in this beta. That should have been fixed long ago.

Fix character collision. I find myself dancing in slow motion with other players and npcs because I ran into them.

fix ship view. I get really tired of having stop my battle so I can right mouse and move the screen around to find my target (even when I have it set in the options to follow target)

Give us 360 view option in space combat where we see the whole scene and its static and we still control our ship on that large view.

Fix how our Officers keep getting stuck behind crates and doorways in away missions on ground and we have to go back and dance with them to get them to freaking follow us.

I have a much larger list but these are the ones that bother me the most.

Can we please get these fixed?

Thank you berry much ( I meant to say berry) ... (inside joke with cryptic) ....

and Now I say

Archived Post 01-18-2010 05:55 PM


fix the hotkey system. So can put your emotes and other commands there.

Fix the enemy ships being at the respawn points. (that really sucks when you warp into a full Armada and die before you even can raise shields from your science offiers)

fix the chat system so that when you whisper a FLEET member from fleet page it opens a NEW window seperate from the bottom left chat window. That way you can leave the ZONE chat bullsh.t and just talk to your fleet members without having to disable or leave the zone chat completely....

my god my list goes on and on....

Archived Post 01-18-2010 06:29 PM

the ship as char and the char as ship bug still exists....

and now everyone knows about it so they are duping blues and purples and trying to sell them.

THIS should be a priority.

or just give us all 1000000000000 energy credits and make us all 16 with uber ships and lets test this sh.t.

I don't care about my ships or chars in this test... I want this game fixed and complete when it goes online so I don't have to deal with things we are dealing with now.

just make all the beta testers 16 with all the gear and weapons ..... then lets test this stuff... and make sure everything is fixed on release..

I could care less about what we got in beta.

I want this stuff fixed and a game with no bugs or exploits at release.

Archived Post 01-18-2010 06:36 PM

I couldn't agree with you more dude, i've ran into everything you've mentioned, I had to walk away from it a few mins ago, it wouldn't even let me submit a new bug report >.<

Archived Post 01-18-2010 11:21 PM

Scripp, till they fix it so you can choose what instance you want to go to which you should have the option to choose from the start/fresh install of client. Is while you are in an instance click the upside down arrow by mini map and choose change instance, it will leave up the window and you can check the box to allow you to choose yourself, then you are good to go, cept after the last patch ( at least i think thats what did it ) I had to choose this again I lost the setting

I bugged this the first day of OB, that you can't choose the instance yourself from a fresh start/install of game

Archived Post 01-19-2010 12:52 AM

You will also lose the setting (as any other setting) for every new character you start, but it's a pretty easy fix anyway...

Archived Post 01-19-2010 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by scripp (Post 1515427)
Fix AND THIS IS MY PET PEEVE ,... Fix the instance popups for encounters so you can CHOOSE which instance you want to join. Right now they pop up and before you can even read them they decide your instance and disappear.

You do know there is an option to make the menu stay while you select which instance you want? It's been in game since closed if I remember correctly. Works the same way it does in CO.

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