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Archived Post 01-18-2010 08:17 PM

Alizee for the win... I'm done testing untill the new servers are in..
do a youtube search or web search for that matter and go watch some of her vids..

you will enjoy them.

I'm done testing until the new servers are in..

pressing my ENTER key is not fun and would rather watch her sing than see .... disconnected from server... for 2 HOURS...

bye bye cryptic ... until you get your sh.t together.

You should have anticipated this...

Star trek has the most fans in the world. And you didn't expect this?

I'm done testing and I make good reports .. Im not here to play it for free I'm here to make sure some jack*ss can't dupe some great item and get rich ...

or some guy can't use the (thank god no one has posted it here yet) Crusier one hit kill.

lets fix this...

but how can the real testers test... when we can't even log in?

I might play pokerstars tonight...

or extract some of the polies from this client...

lol... just so I can see thier mesh..

just kidding cryptic..

but how can we test if we can't log in?


Archived Post 01-18-2010 09:15 PM

I feel your pain and aggravation.

I felt it is a waste of time to continue playing and ranking up, only for it all to be washed away at launch. Nonetheless, I find the time well spent now. I'm becoming more familiar with the control's and other options.

Though I'm not rushing out trying to rank, I am "exploring" the game for my benefit more than trying to find glitches. 9 x out of 10, they have already been reported.

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