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Archived Post 01-19-2010 01:07 AM

Constructive Feedback - PvP Queue Problems
This isn't a thread regarding PvP and the problems with the factions. I'm pretty sure that is well known to any of us that have played on both sides.

Here is the laundry list of things to fix on the PvP systems, that are really driving me crazy:

1. First and foremost, you have to remove the ability to join a game in progress. It's very frustrating to wait on a queue, join it, and then 10 seconds (literally) after joining the map, the scoreboard pops up and it's over. I would suggest once the game starts, that's it... lock it.

2. When your in the pvp queue list, the list itself jumps around so much you have difficulty selecting and clicking the button to queue. You pick something, the list jumps around, and by the time you hit the button,it's not at all what you wanted. It's great tha the list is apparently updating very frequently, but for the love of god it should not scroll and jump around.

3. The scoreboard has several little things that need adjusting. For one thing, you should be able to open the scoreboard to quickly look at it. Standard team shooter stuff here. When the map ends, the scoreboard should not pop up in your face like it does. When you finally exit the map, a different scoreboard pops up again for a moment.... fix that too. How about sorting the scoreboard too please.

4. The dead time period at the end of the match seems unnecesary. If you want to put us all in a 1 minute timeout, then stop the action all together, and force us all to stare at the damn scoreboard. As it is now, everyone runs around like an idiot, because for a brief moment when the button to "leave" pops up, you get live combat again, which clearly shouldn't happen. (fix that too, if that's not obvious).

5. Spawn points need to be done better. The whole spawn randomly on the map thing REALLY destroys teamwork and team progress. In the middle of a fight, the other team is spawning literally on top of you, and vice versa. It makes no sense. If you have to force us to the same spot on the map, then do that, and find a way to prevent spawn camping. It's no fun to spawn into a pack of enemies and hand them a point (never mind how un-fun this is for you). If you're with a team, and you die, you're basically just running around like an idiot after that, because you have no idea where you are, or where your team is.

6. There is no shortage of bugs when you are queing a team for PvP. Sometimes not everyone gets the pop-up and loads. Sometimes one or more people actually get dropped from the team, and forced onto the other side, with a message like "you are not the same faction as them", or words to that effect.

7. Character bars get messed up frequently. Sometimes they disappear altogether. Sometimes they show a player in a location he definately is not.

8. I'd like to see a warm up period of maybe 30s once you load a map. Having people load in at different times is a problem. Again... standard team shooter stuff here.

This is just a preference, but at least a few BIG maps would be nice. Every map is so small, most games don't last beyond 5 minutes, whether it's ground or space.

Lastly, I know it doesn't need to be said, but at this stage in the game the gear situation is really really bad. One side has full blue Mk IV gear, the other side has white common starting gear. Yes, I know what's available and where, but wow.... just wow. Before I forget, the Mk IV shields we can get require "Badge of Exploration" instead of "Medal of Bravery". This in effect has the entire Klingon fleet rolling around in white starter shields, max 2500 strength.

It's discouraging alot of people from playing Klingon. I play probably 50 queues a night as Klingon. It's no wonder we all prefer KvK maps, because it's a fair fight. Seeing 250 feds in one queue, and no wait time on any KvK queue, should say it all.

This is by no means a complete list. This is just a starting point to make the system workable!

Archived Post 01-19-2010 01:49 AM

also the game should balance the kills required if the other team is missing players.

Archived Post 01-19-2010 02:06 AM

I guess this is a good place to add a few more:

1) Teams are red/blue, house of [X]/house of [Y], and Klingon/Fed.
Unfortunately nowhere on the UI does it explain which team you are on. There needs to be one name for a team, and it needs to be put somewhere in the UI.

2) The end-game scoreboard doesn't work properly.
- it says 'red team won' and 'blue team won' (afaik it always says both won at the top!). The true winner is shown in the chatbox.
- if you close the scoreboard, there is no way to re-open it.
- the scoreboard appears as the round ends, but slightly before combat ceases. (you can be shot/shoot your opponent for ~5
- [improvement] the current player should be highlighted on the scoreboard.

3) 'report' (scoreboard in-game).
- works for ground combat, does not work for space combat (I can't click on it).
- afaik it does not show who is currently in the game, it just shows everyone who has been in the game. [ideally players 'in-game' should be differentiated along with alive/dead status]

4) Chat channels.
- the game desperately needs a /team A and /team B channel. With groups maxxing at 5 characters there is no sane way to communicate or form any strategy/tactics or let people know what's about to happen.

5) Minimap
- the minimap for ground combat (AFAIK) shows friendly, enemies (both as purple arrows) and all turrets (red circles). Not sure if that's intended.
- ground/space minimaps should probably show all friendlies (certainly with the current status of spawn points this is needed - the current state of ground combat means that running into the opposition team = insta-death).

6) Mines
- players can lay "probably too many mines" (I've certainly seen entire forests of these - and they tend to follow players that fly through them, creating funny patterns, but probably a ton of network traffic?).
- tab targetting targets the mines by default.
- mines have the orange reticule around them, making it hard to spot enemy ships in the mine field.

7) Ship identification/reticule
- the difference between an untargeted ship and the current ship is far too minor. There needs to be a much bigger difference.
- your current ship should have some way of identifying it (it is very easy to find yourself steering the wrong vessel).
- when you target a vessel, the class/model needs to be shown (it's a bit weird to know that your ship can identify 'James Pwnzer Kirk' flying 'the enterprisor', but can't tell that it's a cruiser)...

8) 'Highly annoying/game breaking bugs'
- spawning as a ship in ground combat, spawning as a character in space combat. I would guess this is going to be the #1 'stick to beat the developers with' for reviewers. "It's clearly a modified CO engine, even the ship is just a superhero, as seen by .....". (oddly if you press 'k' you'll see (afaik) your basic ship and character models are already loaded [I assume that's 3d not an image])
- if you get vaporized in ground combat, your model disappears and you may not be able to shoot again until you leave the map. This is trivially exploitable.
- if you die and leave PvP, you have to respawn in the 'real world'.

9) Minor bugs
- if you leave a ground PvP map and return to the sector map, gravity seems to take effect and your ship falls to the 'ground'.
- the usable boxes on ground maps are accessible after a round ends, I'm not sure if that's intended.


[if you 'lock' a PvP instance when it starts, then a team will be in a mess if a player leaves or if they start with fewer players. Locking it a certain point isn't a terrible idea, maybe at the 50% point]

Archived Post 01-19-2010 02:59 AM

Having the damn scoreboard pop up and cover your whole screen while someone is shooting you in the face is not cool.

Also, since everyone has caught on to the fact that if you lay a huge amount of mines, it fouls up people's targeting, how about TAB cycles through PLAYERS only, not every mine and turret you can see.

Archived Post 01-19-2010 04:24 AM

Oh, and why can't we create a PvP instance? That definately does not work.

When you have a really high chance of joining a match in progress, it would be preferable to create your own instance, knowing you will then start at the beginning of the match.

I'm glad the vaporize invisible bug was mentioned above, I forgot about that one! Very annoying indeed.

This may be my personal preference, but all combat has really degenerated into who can knock the other side down the most. There is way WAY too much knock down going on. You should remove knockdown from all guns, and just have it available in melee to balance this out. I'm serious. Between guns, grenades, abilities, the crazy blue mission gear the fed side gets with shields and armor that knock down... it's truely ridiculous.

Archived Post 01-19-2010 04:42 PM

Anyone else have something to add to this list?

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