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uhmari 05-25-2013 06:56 PM

Torpedo's Gimped..
Can we please get some

360 Degree torpedo's.

Tricobolt suck ketracel tubes.

Lets buff their Damage x 3, speed x2, and give them 360% Degree.

also Other torpedos that suck

> TransPhasic

skollulfr 05-25-2013 09:08 PM

too obvious.

deaftravis05 05-25-2013 09:16 PM

or you could learn to fly and shoot?

uhmari 05-25-2013 10:07 PM

I Shoot Perfectly Fine, Trolling does not resolve the issues..

A logical and destructive comment to your trolling is the following..

Why are they part of the Normal Builds out there?

And Please answer they are so we can post the builds for each ship and
then troll the crap out of you.

A lot of the weapons in the game are unattractive. Most people
use plasma weapons, each weapon type really lacks its flavor.

Tet, and plasma weapons should have lower impact and dps then
the other weapon types due to their proc's. Yet they are equal dps
this logically is not balanced, which is why people mostly use plasma.

The same Applies to Cannons and Escorts, and the Lack of Use of most
torpedo if not all torpedo based weapons.

And the problem is not just in weapons, but in shielding also.

We need a lot of tweaks here and there to fix things up.

I would Like to see torpedo cruisers in the game, they offer another type
of game play. They are viable now, but they dont compete.

Tricobolt can fix this.

If it became a torpedo that acts somewhere between a cannon and torpedo
then it would be a bread and butter weapon for torpedo cruisers.

you could for example give it the following stats.

750 Impact, 4 Sec Cd.
X 2.5 Of its current speed.
9.5km Range
Only Passive (aside things like more crit dmg, acc etc) is

10% chance to lower the reload rate on the next volley by 3 seconds.
500 Aoe splash range, Does not knock back.

skollulfr 05-25-2013 11:17 PM

what you'd get with tric. torps is ohk alpha strikes.
buffing their damage by x1.3 let alone x3 would cause nothing but grieving in any sort of pvp setting.

about all i would do to tric. is give them enough hp to not by collateral killed by a sneeze.

and we already know why torps arent in most builds.
DHCs are why their dps potential for energy drain makes them just better than other weapons. unless you are running a high aux carrier/sci etc.

as for torp cruisers... cruisers will be the lame ducks of sto until the devs stop screwing them over in their agility stats.
or actually give them real compensation/direct offset some other way like making turn rate an inverse multiplier to weapon range(means low turn=more range) & maximum arc.

uhmari 05-25-2013 11:44 PM

Cannons Need to be Fixed.

Their Spam is Unmerited, Unprofessional and unattractive (in sound and display).
They also Kill the value for beam weapons.

I would say, Lets do some crazy Changes to weapons, we need
to vastly diversify them from each other. Duel Beams Cancel our desirability
for single, so lets out right changes the way singles work. Same with Single Cannons.

What we can do is make the following set up.

Single Beams >
4-6 Second Cool Down (depending on type)
700-800 Impact Damage
High Arc (250 Degree)

Duel Beams
2-3 Second Cool Down
280-300 Dps
Low Arc ( 45 Degree)

Single Cannon
5-6 Second Cool Down
800-900 Arc
Very Low Arc (15 Degree)

Duel Cannon
2-3 Second Cool down
260-280 Dps
Low Arc (45 Degree)

250 Degree
1500-6500 Impact (Depending on Type)
Moderate to High Rate of travel
+ 50% Value to current life (100% for Squishy ones like Cobolt)

then Apply Skill Nerfs to

Torpedo Spread - + 10 Second Cd
Fire At all - + 10 Second CD
Scatter Cannon - Instead of Going all Over the Place, The projectiles bounce
from one shield to the next (jumping a total of its target + 2 other targets), or (option 2) Deal Splash Damage in 1000 Meters
Rapid Fire - Reduce Rate of fire by 15%.
Torpedo Overload - Increase cool down by 5 Seconds.

Also, The Problem in pvp is shielding, Its sort of Broken atm, The values on hp, and shielding should be swapped (this includes resistances).

For example, Lets take a look at Admiral Level of ships

Escort :
32000 Hp
8-10 k Shields
Usually 15-25% Resistance

Science Vessal :
29000 Hp
10-13 k Shields
Usually 15-25% Resistance

39000 Hp
8-10k Shields
Usually 15-25% Resistance

New Stats

Escort :
17000 Hp
23-25 k Shields
Usually 15-25% Resistance

Science Vessal :
16000 Hp
25-28 k Shields
Usually 15-25% Resistance

21000 Hp
28-32k Shields
Usually 15-25% Resistance

uhmari 05-25-2013 11:47 PM

The Above changes may need to investigate some shielding skill Balances, But this
is uncertain.

What will happen is you will see bleed through/penetration being more valuable stat to get
This will Also Put Value on skills that can shut down shielding, giving much more tactical
based combat in pvp, rather then raw power.

that in return will stop endless power spam on noobs, and give players the good
fights they are looking for in pvp.

breadandcircuses 05-26-2013 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by uhmari (Post 10355491)
Tet, and plasma weapons should have lower impact and dps then the other weapon types due to their proc's. Yet they are equal dps
this logically is not balanced, which is why people mostly use plasma.

Every energy weapon has the same base damage, with procs adding a secondary effect to that base damage. As far as diminishing the dps rating of Tetryons and Plasma...

Tetryon weapons benefit from the Flow Capacitors skill, and are resisted by the Power Insulators skill; in PvE Tetryons are excellent at stripping shields, but in PvP... folks tend to run a decent Power Insulators skill in order to counter Tetryons, Polarons, Plasmonic Leech, Energy Siphon, Tachyon Beam, Tyken's Rift, Subsystem Targeting... etc. A target with decent Power Insulators suffers far less shield/power drain than someone that forgoes that skill, to say the least.

Plasma weapons are interesting as they add a plasma burn effect, allowing for a DoT that increases their relative damage as compared to other damage types; their proc is also one of the ways in which you can bypass a target's shields if you can't otherwise punch through. Again, it's better in PvE than PvP, and for a similar reason: the various Omega Rep shields are some of the best in the game, and they also tend to have Plasma Resistance. Also, the proc is easier to remove as most folks carry Hazard Emitters, which (in addition to clearing the plasma burn) applies a HoT, add to damage resistance and remove a number of troublesome effects. If you have good enough healing, you can even ignore the burn and just heal it up as needed; Aux2SI has a nice, quick cooldown for this purpose, and also adds damage resistance.

The other damage types all also have benefits and limitations:

Phaser proc is just plain evil, taking one of the 4 power systems completely offline for a few seconds. As a Disable effect it can be mitigated by Starship Inertial Dampeners, and countered by Emergency Power to <affected system> and a couple other skills. If you can't counter it, though, it leaves you with several seconds of one of the following: no weapons firing, no shields, no movement/turning or no "fancy space magic"; the last includes most healing, which can be a problem. Even if it only lasts a couple seconds, losing any of your four systems can end up being a major problem, especially if that system is your shields... though an Escort with its weapons taken offline during an Alpha Strike is not exactly well off either.

Polaron proc could be evil as well, but against a target with Power Insulators it suffers from the same problem as Tetryons... diminished effectiveness. If you max your Flow Capacitors the tooltip claims you could cause drain in all power levels at over 40 points; this is heavily mitigated by Power Insulators, however, and rarely does anything near that. Still, they get additional benefits with the Jem'Hadar set and Jeh'Hadar ships using that set, so can still be very useful for straight-up damage.

Disruptors are actually rather nice, as they reduce the target's Damage Resistance. This doesn't just apply to damage you do, but also to that from your allies, pets and powers. Not something to underestimate, even though a -10 to Damage Resistance Ratings doesn't seem like a large amount, as this affects damage to hull and shields from the whole team.

Antiprotons... a whole different system. Each of the other damage types relies on a 2.5% proc rate, while Antiproton basically adds one [CrtD]. In effect, this means that you will gain the benefit much more often than other weapon classes, as most ships hit endgame with a Crit Chance at 5% and range upwards from there (I have fleetmates that clear 10%); powers, equipment and weapon modifiers that improve Crit Chance also increase how often the +20% Crit Severity takes effect, as does surplus Accuracy. Yes, this includes crits against both shields and hull.
Finally, because it gives [CrtD], Antiprotons are the only weapon class that doesn't see diminished returns from DHC's as far as their proc. This is because DHC's fire half as many shots with twice the damage. The procs do not scale upwards on them, so a Plasma DHC will get half the chances to proc an identical plasma burn, compared to a standard Dual Cannons. Crit Damage is based on the damage of the attack, however, so while they have half as many proc chances, Antiproton DHC's will proc for twice the damage compared to a single proc from a standard Dual Cannons.

Hopefully this is helpful to you. It is pretty much the extent of what I can add on the various energy weapon types, so if anyone has anything to add I certainly won't complain. I don't favor nerfing one type over the others, though, since each has its counter.

[EDIT] Wow, that was a wall of text, sorry...

uhmari 05-26-2013 02:05 AM

Your wall of text was interesting, But it sums up to
all weapons are good in pve, and anti-proton are op in pvp.

But this is simply not the truth (for Pve).
The purpose of this post is to fix it for both, but mostly for pvp.
But i want to address the Pve Builds out there.

Plasma Spam, Cannon Spam. These need fixed.

Cannon Rate of fire is off the chart, Cannons are pumping 2.5k-3.5k Dps.
Beams are holding at 1.5k-2.5k. This is a major in balance.

we need to Drop Cannons down, but not in a way that nessisarily nerfs
its damage, Just one that balances it.

this equated to a nerf to The Common skills (volley, Scatter etc).
Basically, You can bring down the cannon dps lead to be competitive with
beams rather then blast them out of the water by making is so that
scatter shot shoots 20 bullets, not 100.

Lastly, We may want to look at upgrading beam arcs so they are more desirable
on Cruisers. People often complain about agility nerfs, but this can easily fix that

I firmly believe that single beams should do high Burst Damage (+ 100 Impact
from its rates now) and have 4-6 sec Cd. Instead of 1-2 Second Duel Beam spam.

uhmari 05-26-2013 02:07 AM

I just want to quickly Add.

Tri-Cobolt was a weapon used by many races in star trek as
their main damage weapon, They should in return be something
similar in the game.

Lets change them into a high rate of fire torpedo, with 750 impact.
A sort of High CD Super cannon that counts as a torpedo.

And on that note, We should do the same with many technologies out there
in the universe of sto

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