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joshjpeter2 05-28-2013 12:03 PM

Defense of New Romulus question
Currently, I just finished "The Last Stand" mission, and what I've been hearing about the last mission of this arc is troubling. I'm a Lvl 34 tac right now, and I'm wondering if I should wait to play this mission until I level up to subadmiral and get a new ship (I'm considering the Ha'Feh as that seems the closest to an escort.) I'd just like an opinion on this.

sudoku7 05-28-2013 12:08 PM

It doesn't really hurt to try. Some people get the encounter and think it's no big deal. The ground mission leading into it is also pretty nifty and worth doing.

I wouldn't be surprised if you come back after trying thinking it's a bit of hyperbole on the criticism.

mirai222 05-28-2013 12:11 PM

Pfft. I'm waiting until they fix it. Mind you, I'm taking my time with the new content, so it'll be a while until I reach that point. I played Defense of New Romulus on Tribble, and apparently it hasn't changed at all since then.

You can probably beat it with your current stuff, if you have the right approach, and a lot of patience and luck. Getting geared up would help a bit. Or get a team.

The mission is too immersion breaking for me as it is. The allies get wiped out very quickly, leaving you to fight a monstrous fleet essentially by yourself. All you have to do is destroy the command ship, but it's buried in a sea of enemies, including a couple dreadnaughts and a few battleships and lots and lots of other nastiness. Facing that situation, I'd save my crew and head out to join a Fed/KDF fleet someplace, and hope that New Romulus has a good evacuation plan.

joenatl 05-28-2013 12:14 PM

It took me an hour plus. It became shot a bit, then respawn, shoot, respawn. I took out the smaller ships that were spamming support craft and worked my way up from there. It did suck when they all spawn camped me.

dirlettia 05-28-2013 12:15 PM

Peronally I have purposefully not done two of the missions due to the time and bugginess factor involved. The atmospheric mission takes forever to do so I skipped that and devils choice is the one I believe folks are complaining about with the friendlies dieing too quick.

Doing Turnaround with the gas effect doesnt really effect you that much so is perfectly doable without respirators as well.

When I have a lot of spare time though I will get back to those missions even if it is as a VA.

valarauko43 05-28-2013 02:31 PM

I think you should do the mission before it gets "nerfed". I did it at about the OP's level in the D'Deridex (the free one) and I only needed to respawn twice. The thing is to remember that the big "D" is not an escort. Use 3 BA, 1 torp. fore and 2 BA, 1 torp. aft. That aft torpedo, on autofire, will make enemies that "jump" behind you wish they had stayed where they were. Use hit and run tactics. Cloak early, cloak often. It took nearly two hours but when I was a new player (a year ago) I spent that much time fighting fewer enemies as a fed (IRW Rea and mogai anybody?). I have no idea who defeated "the command ship" because I saw more than one. I spent a good twenty minutes fighting one of them, then spent another twenty minutes fighting a dreadnaught. The rest of my time was spent fighting support craft,escorts and frigates. I dragged (they chased me) enemies all the way back to near the starting point and by the time I made it back to where I should have been the fight was over. It was epic and imho one of the best missions in the whole game on any side. The feds and klingons don't get to have this much fun. The closest thing to this mission on the klingon side is the Fek'Ihr Kar'fi and its support craft. Just remember an aft torpedo, no cannons, and don't try to kill the mob all at once. Own it, and have fun before they take it away.

cletusdeadman 05-28-2013 02:39 PM

I didn't really have a BIG problem with it, but I did spawn a few times.
I mostly just kited them out so that I could fight a few at a time and not have the whole group shooting me at once. I found it easier to steer the kited group towards Fed and KDF fleets that healed during fighting. This is the same tactic we used to use back in the old days when the STFs were long.
I did it in the T3 Mogia since I didn't like flying the DD.

I have gone back at each rank since then to get singularity cores at each rank. It gets easier over time.

Hope this helps.

virusdancer 05-28-2013 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by cletusdeadman (Post 10434831)
I did it in the T3 Mogia since I didn't like flying the DD.

Have to give you props for doing it in the Mogai. It's so much easier with the D'deridex since you get access to the Singularity Jump to hop out of the cones of doom.

deadspacex64 05-28-2013 03:56 PM

d'dreidex is probably the easiest one to do it in, load up on hull eaters, plasma. fill eng slots with heals (recommend epts1x2, rsp1x2, auxto struct2. and last slot whatever, i used aceton beam 2) and run when necessary. HE1 and 2 for the sci, tt 1 and 2 for tac

along with the singularity abilities makes a very tough deri to kill.

i worked the edges until the last wave, then pulled the command ship out of the pack and killed it while allies kept the rest occupied. no deaths. i did run away a lot, heal up, come back in, was a long mission. at least until i got the command ship alone, after that is was just a matter of wearing it down. by itself it's not so uber:D

spectrfang 05-28-2013 06:23 PM

I did it in the Mogai after wiping repeatedly in the DD. Full cannon build. I had to respawn 6 times on elite. This one could use a buff to your allies as they drop way to fast to be useful. Just sneak in alpha the command ship and cloak out.

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