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masterpunish 05-31-2013 08:37 AM

Romulan Intelligence
Welcome to Romulan Intelligence !

Friendly, very active*, 400+ members (agents), Tier 3, helpful, all levels welcome, cooperative,
ALL Romulan faction ONLY, (fed allegiance), growing fast, international, intergalactic,
youll find help and teaming for whatever your playstyle!
Role Play, PVP, PVE, STFs oriented.

*always members/agents online, its been said we are more active than fleets twice our size!

Ask any of our friendly agents for an invite and join the Tal Shiar the way it is
meant to be, before the few gave it a less than positive name.

Romulan Intelligence IS the proper Tal Shiar !

We know everything... and its all classified.

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