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Archived Post 01-20-2010 07:37 AM

CTD going from space to ground
Hi all, got the pre order beta key yesterday and immediately dialed up. :)

Somethings I noticed. When going from space to ground, and vice versa, the character would remain in the new screen. For instance, when going from space to ground, my ship would be visibly on the screen and also my physical character. Almost couldn't see what I was doing? Also, when going from ground to space,my character would be standing along side my ship???

Eventually it crashed to desktop and I did the mini dump report and sent it to Cryptic. I have a fully updated Nvidia 8800GT, Intel i7 920, 12GB memory, 250GB Seagate HDD running Windows 7 Enterprise.

Can someone fix this please. The game is unplayable, and I ordered the collectors edition.. AARRGGHHH..


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