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admiralolbricht 05-31-2013 04:57 PM

Request Gorn Update. (Change the look)

Me and some of my Fleet friends have requested that you change the Gorn. What I mean by this is that you change the Current Gorns appearance to something different. The problem we have is that they look like miniature Godzilla's, and that really does feels as if the Gorn were supposed to be represented in the Star Trek Universe.

Me and my friends propose that the current Gorn be changed back to the old looking (Before the Season 4 update).

I spoke to Star Trek Online via the Twitter page and I recommend that f you did not have the Template for the old Gorn. There is a NPC that still uses the Old Gorn Templat. The NPC is located In the Shipyard above Quo-nos, He repairs the Ships for when they are damaged in combat.

I recommended using that Gorns' Template to figure something out.

The Second option that we came up with was that you could base your design or use the New Gorn Appearance from the Star Trek 2013 video game. The Gorn depicted there are more grittier and seem more believable to be Gorn.

I would definitely like to play as a better looking Gorn.

I may as well add something else my Fleet was heavily discussing.

I was sent here by the Star Trek Online Twitter to speak to someone or to post about this because I think this is a great new option and that it will hopefully lead to many more updates of other things.

Such as a more grittier and unique looking ships, may be based on like a similar design to the New JJ Abrams movies, or at least an option to play as these new intake of Ships and Characters.

I hope that you take this request and I will looking into this as much as you can. It would be really gratifying that you would take such a request such as this.

Thanks for your Help.

From Olbricht.

Have A Good One.

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