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Archived Post 01-20-2010 01:35 PM

Cryptic/Atari Pre-Orders
Cryptic/Atari please either remove the option to pre-order via the Atari store or fix the damn system. While the Atari store was more than willing to remove my money from my bank account the order (for a digital deluxe edition) shows as backordered and I have yet to receive either my open beta or pre-order key.

When I attempt to use the customer support links on the Atari store page the form is broken (will not submit due to not being able to select the 2nd and 3rd level of drop downs), there is no contact number and there is no e-mail address listed.

For the floods of folks who will no doubt say, "use another vendor" I'd first like to be able to cancel my current order, however, alas, that cannot even be done.

I realize that the dev boards/community boards are a separate group of folks but maybe, just maybe someone from the dev/game support group should speak with their counterparts at and let them know that their system is not working, is not distributing keys and does not allow for customers to submit support requests.

I really like the game, I'd really like to buy a lifetime subscription for it (just as I did with CO), however, I can't bloody well do either if I can't even get the fraggin keys necessary before the (arbitrary) cutoff of the 1st. What this is very realisticallly going to force me to do if it's not resolved in 7 days is to use a reputable vendor and preorder another damn version of the game...which, while I'm sure that will be music to the ears of the Atari follks will **** me off beyond measure. please, Cryptic/Atari, either remove the links to pre-order via or pick up a phone and call the schmucks at the webstore and tell them to fix their system.


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