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sephirothkirk 06-05-2013 01:16 PM

Klingon newb needing help
Hi there, guess this is my first post in the Klingon forum.

I have a Vice-Admiral Fed flying a Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser but the slow turn rates, the noise of the beams and the overall feel of the ship (doesnt look great, does it) was boring me to death. Oh yea, my char was an engineer.

So I made a Klingon char, tactical captain and I'm level 23. Flying a Norgh BoP atm, so I have a few questions:

- Do you guys have a optimal build (abilities wise, I'm quite sure of the point distribution) for surviving at the elite STFs? Even being a very tanky ship with a lot of defensive abilities, my Cruiser ended up getting melted as soon as it got targeted by more than one or two ships, not to mention the Tactical Cube. I was a lil' undergeared, but anyway...

- I'm feeling the Birds of Prey, but the Raptors look like a better option at least right now, for having more tactical consoles and bridge officer slots. What's the best choice for a tactical captain?

- I've read a lot of escort threads with gear suggestions. I'm assuming the Borg set + the M.A.C.O shield is the best option yet, is that correct?

skollulfr 06-05-2013 01:41 PM

raptors can be played the same as fed escorts
3xDHC + beam(or torp) front
2xturret + kcb rear

powers tt x2 attack pattern x2 crf x2 + beam or torp power as applicable

use doffs for restoring shield & resisting damage with bfi

there will be a minmaxer along to tell you how to waste 20% of your points for no real returns soon enough though.

reginamala78 06-05-2013 01:52 PM

For a tactical captain, BoP, Mirror Qin raptor, or Vor'cha. BoP has the speed and versaility but can be squishy. Qin plays like a Federation escort, but the Mirror Qin has a better BOFF layout. Vor'cha lets you take hits like a cruiser but still put DHCs or DBBs on it and be a lot more aggressive than the standard Federation cruiser.

For a first KDF character though, I think I'd go with the BoP, just because its the most different from what you're used to, and why make a new character if you're just gonna use the same kinda ship you can get elsewhere?

jestersage 06-05-2013 01:55 PM

Here's what I would recommend you do:
1) Try out Battle Cruiser. the Kamarag is a good way to test it as you get it for "free" thanks to temporal ambassador.
2) Vo'quv - Yes, it's a sci ship that turns worse than Galaxy, but when you load it up with BoP or Slavers (especially Advanced slaver) your turnrate matters little, since they have a fast turn rate. If you find yourself enjoy carrier style play, then get the Kar'Fi, since it's like a slow-turning HEC.

sephirothkirk 06-05-2013 02:26 PM

Thanks for all the replies. It seems the Raptors look a lil' better in terms of survivability but it depends on my build and gear aswell.

I've got the Kamarag cruiser as a quest reward but I didnt touch it yet, honestly I want something with high turn rates and lots of splash damage from cannons and torpedo spreads so I can have a lil' change from my cruiser turtle boredom lol.

shpoks 06-05-2013 02:28 PM

You can take the Hegh'ta BoP into STFs, but it is very squishy (all BoPs are), so you'll need to apply hit & run tactics, make a really good and equiped build and learn to fly BoPs,but it can be done. BoPs are fun and most versatile and as others have said - they provide a very unique style of play for the Klingon faction. Just don't get frustrated if you die a lot at the start, it's a very different ship from anything else and takes time to get used to.

Others have said it - Mirror Qin. I find the Mirror Qin Raptor most successful in STFs, works like a charm.

You can also try the Vo'Quv carrier for the lulz, the thing is a beast and has the best pets availible for any carrier.

If you're in a KDF fleet, I would also recomend the following ships:

The K'maj battlecruiser - very sturdy, yet agile and science focused.
The Tor'kaht battlecruiser - popular opinion says best cruiser in STO and I tend to agree. Cannot be compared to any fed side cruiser.
The fleet K'tinga - Is it a cruiser? Is it an escort?:D It is death unseen! You haven't seen a cruiser move and get DHC in line untill you tried that one.

Hope this helped somewhat. :)

thunderfoot006 06-06-2013 03:45 AM

MU Vor'cha is highly recommended. Properly kitted out, turns nearly as fast as a Fed Escort and has the hull advantages of a cruiser. And you don't need to have 'endgame' gear or spend lots of Dil for this to be true. Being MU, the Boff layout swaps one Boff out from the Retrofit Vor'cha for a Science Boff. Lots of fun to be in a cruiser and be able to pull science tricks in combat. Plus it has the added advantage of being around for a very long time. This means plenty of people have made and shared plenty of Optimized builds for it,

majesticmsfc 06-06-2013 06:55 AM

Since you're only a Commander currently I recommend you try out the Kamarag Battlecruiser that you get for free in Temporal Ambassador and then when you hit Captain grab the Raptor and give that a good run.

So by the time you hit level 40 you'll have tried out BOP's, Raptors and a Battlecruiser and should have a good grasp on what you prefer and can make an informed choice for the ship you'll be using at end-game. You can also as others have said pick up a Mirror Carrier, Raptor and Vorcha off the exchange fairly cheap and pick the BOP as your level up ship and then you have one of each and will be able to setup all ships and swap between them as you see fit.

Then if you decide the KDF is for you, and want to spend some Zen there are some good options from the C-store and fleet ships such as the Flight Deck Carriers and Kar'Fi, which are quite different from the free options.

One thing to remember is that KDF Battlecruisers are not like Federation Cruisers, many are quite viable for Tactical Captains and they all have a much better turn rate, some quite close to an escort and if you don't mind missing out on the high end tactical powers like Attack Pattern Omega (though the Fleet Vorcha allows you to run that with it's Lt Commander station), then the Battlecruiser is a good choice.

dknight0001 06-06-2013 11:34 AM

I do love the Vor'cha Retrofit. I run 2 Photons, 2 Antiproton DHC's, 3 Turrets and a Tricobalt Mine. I blast through with Cannon & Torpedo spread on, dropping Warp Plasma and leaving the mine behind me.

With the aid of Doffs they can't escape the Warp Plasma and the Mine generally finished them off as you took a shield facing down on the way through.

It's not super effective but it is fun. More seriously drop a Torp, and maybe consider a rear torp like the Breen Cluster Mine or even a Tricobalt. Although 2 Photon tubes even without DOFFs is fantastic DPS in STF's against all the unshielded stuff.

Carriers are great fun, I love my Garumba although it's not seeing much action while I play with my Mirror Carrier. The Garumba does have a 1 min cooldown on the lance and with all your tac buffs going and 4x Disruptor Tac consoles it does wonderful damage.

But I think you should give Klingon Cruisers a try they are the best in the game. And are quite Tac Friendly.

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