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Archived Post 01-20-2010 07:29 PM

Few minor things
Pretty much just nitpicking here. Links are big pics and on google's picasa, so they may take a bit to download and get full detail.

In the character creation, if you open a dropdown list like here, the mouse wheel will scroll thru the list, but if you get to the end of the list and the mouse is still inside the overall window the window will scroll too. I don't remember if the dropdown list moves with the window or not.

border Here the edge of the Vulcan Sector says "Delta Volanis Cluster Borde"

In the quest text for Starbase 24, Sirius is misspelled.

Also, I reported a bug last night I think about the Area Map not showing location names on mouse over, and as luck would have it they started working as soon as I reported that. Got on today and they were not working again. They will show up upon mouse over after you click on it and it asks if you want to go there and pick no.But if you scroll the wheel to zoom they don't move to the new zoom location so they appear floating in space (no pun intended lol).

And another thing I thought of while typing this, I did the mission to escort the vulcan ambassador to P'jem I think it is, and the dialog with the klingon that pops up when you enter is all full of errors in the decision tree for what to show and what options to give the player.

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