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ha99ard 06-10-2013 08:29 AM

Vesta Aft Weapons question
Hello fellow trekkies

I've recently purchased the Aventine for my science captain and am now starting to work on my gear. I've mounted 3 Aux DHC as the fore weapons and I'm now wondering what to put in my aft slots (oops that sound dirty). At the moment I'm using 2 purple Mk XI Phaser turrets and an Mk XII Mine Launcher. I'm not sure I'm happy with this setup to be honest. Now my question to you all is, is there currently a consensus on the best setup for an aux vesta? Would a Kinetic Cutting Beam instead of the mines be a good idea (even though it drains weapon power which I don't like)? Or should I go 3 turrets? I'm really a bit lost right now. I mostly PvE btw.

If you could help me with this I'd be very grateful!



originpi 06-10-2013 08:48 AM

What are your power levels like?

I run a couple of torps (incl. the transphasic cluster) and a single beam array on the back. I run at min weapon power, so energy weapons (like turrets) would be useless. I only use the beam array for targeting subsystems.

Cutting beam would especially be useless, because the main upside is the weapon power proc, which is useless for your cannons.

tom61sto 06-10-2013 12:44 PM

Get an Overcharged Warp Core with [A->W], that will help with your rear turrets and Cutting Beam if you get one.

I'm still playing with weapon loadout post-LoR(slowly thanks to mostly leveling my Rom) but currently running 130 Aux power with the above Core which nets me around 55 Weapon power with it set at 25 . Decent enough to power 2x phaser turrets and the Cutting Beam. With the new lower minimums you could drop engine power down to 15 setting and grab another 10 to put into weapons if you're willing to drop that down, without hurting your survivability much.

Oh yeah,almost forgot the other big recent change, Feds can now get Plasmonic Leech via a cross-console pack (search 'Reward Packs' for 'Leech' on the Exchange). This is another huge help on the Vesta, as your weapon power will actually go up as you fire (at least it does with maxed Flow Caps skill) with Aux cannons fore. It also nearly maxes out all of my power levels when I fire the QFFP deflector Phaser.

As far as the Cutting Beam itself, I find it a nice source of kinetic damage that I'd normally lack with having 3x Aux cannons fore, even though I have none of the other pieces of the set.

ha99ard 06-11-2013 12:09 AM

Thanks for your answers!

Right now I'm sitting at 122 Aux and 92 Weapon power (with an A->W core). Both Engine and Shield are set to 25 and sit at 52 and 58 respectively. Definitely going to look at the Plasmonic Leech, thanks for that suggestion. And I think I'll get the Cutting Beam my weapon power seems high enough right now.



soll50 06-11-2013 06:40 AM

I fly the Aventine as a torpedo boat. 1 Aux DHC + 2 fleet quantums and aoe torps in the back (rommy, tricobalt, cluster)
No weapon power, 130 aux power and use tachyon beams to drain shields.
Having a blast with it and it's more effective than I had hoped. I have no experience in pvp, so this is only in pve :)

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