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ryan218 06-10-2013 01:56 PM

Star Trek Online: These are the voyages... (a role-play thread. All welcome!)
Okay, so this is an idea I recently had; about a year-and-a-half ago there was a thread dealing with the possibility of peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire. The thread became a role-play where numerous players (myself included) would take part in an ever-changing story. That thread later continued in a new thread under a new name when the OP decided to return to a non-RP format. That thread has now progressed over a century from where the game is currently set. Here's the link to that thread if you want to join in on it:

(I recommend just asking to be bought up to speed instead of reading through all 750+ pages of it. The guys on the thread will gladly help you out.)

However, I somewhat miss the massive, constantly changing atmosphere of the old thread, where 100s of things could be happening at once. It felt like I was really part of an ever-evolving universe (and it was fun dodging Romulans while fighting the Tzenkethi :cool:).

So, what I'm proposing is a thread where anyone can join in and tell the story of their character in an environment where everyone is contributing to an ever-expanding universe, where our characters can be doing one thing in one place and have it effect someone else in another.

What you do is completely up to you; you don't have to use one of your in-game characters and you don't have to limit yourself to the in-game factions. Don't even feel that you have to remain strictly canon. You can use non-canon sources for inspiration if you wish, so long as it does not contradict the established history outlined in the game, and you recognise that not everyone will have read the source material you're using. For example, say I use Starbase: Vanguard as a base, I'd have to state that I took inspiration from the Vanguard novels and give a brief summary of the Station's background.

Again, don't feel confined to using canon sources. As Leonard Nimoy once said "the possibilities are endless".

For sake of universal continuity and lack of headaches, we'll say that the thread's timeline starts divergence from STO on 10th June, 2412, when this thread was started (keep in mind, STO was in 2409 when it launched in 2010, so it is only 399 years ahead, as opposed to the originally intended 400). That is, roughly, Stardate 89440, according to:

For sake of easy communication, here's how formatting should work:

'OOC:' = 'Out of character' (when the poster is speaking separate of the story in the post).

Actions or events should be contained by asterisks (*). E.g. *Captain Picard took the cup of Earl Grey from the replicator.*

When writing out of character during dialogue, please make it distinguishable from the actual dialogue via brackets () or asterisks **.

This is purely to help everyone follow each other's posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

voporak 06-10-2013 02:11 PM

*The U.S.S. Black Phantom, Defiant class warship, flies up*

Admiral Voporak: Cloak us.

*The ship cloaks*

That's better. *ahem* Time, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the warship Black Phantom. Its never-ending mission: to explore strange new timelines, to seek out new technologies and new weapons, to defiantly go where no captain has gone before.

ryan218 06-10-2013 02:38 PM

OOC: Note that, since this line is followed by an action, I don't need to separate it from dialogue, as the action already does so.

*U.S.S. Bunker Hill, Aventine-Class Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Vessel. Eta Eridani Sector Block.

Vice Admiral Soval is seated in his Ready Room, a steaming cup of replicated Vulcan Spice Tea on his desk as he looks, almost emotionless, though curiously, at the man sitting across from him, who is wearing a white jacket with a teal shirt beneath it, similar to many Federation Scientists.*

Soval: I am afraid I do not understand your question, Dr Lassiter.

Dr Lassiter: Quite simple Admiral; "Do you know how much time is left?"

Soval: Yes, but you have neglected to inform me of what "time" you are referring to.

Dr Lassiter: Anything. Everything! They say time is the fire in which we burn! As a Vulcan, and a Scientist, surely you can understand that!

Soval: They also say that time is a companion, which goes with us on the journey and reminds us to treasure every moment, for they'll never come again.

As a Vulcan, I understand the impulse to find a logical analogy for a force as mysterious and unknown as time, but, I also understand the illogic of making such an attempt.

But, Doctor, surely you did not come aboard simply to discuss philosophy?

Dr Lassiter: Why not? Where time is involved, philosophy and science are one and the same.

Soval: Doctor, I have already told you that the Federation Council has withdrawn your permission to conduct temporal research separate of your posting at the Manhiem Research Centre at Earth. I fail to see your logic in continuing to pursue this matter.

If time is the fire in which we burn, why stand still in the inferno as you are attempting to now?

Dr Lassiter: If time is a companion, reminding us to cherish every moment, then why do you threaten your own standing by alienating your own people?

*Soval raises an eyebrow in surprise.*

Why else do you always need to be accompanied by a Security Officer when you travel to Vulcan now? I read your book; "Emotion and Logic: Fire and Ice". It was truly an intriguing read. A study on the symbiosis between logic and emotion, comparing it to dark and light. Also your suggestions on the potential benefits of allowing logic and emotion to co-exist in harmony... Most Vulcans would call you mad.

Soval: Most Vulcans have already made a case of doing so, Doctor. My proposals were not exactly received... favourably, by my people.

Dr Lassiter: Even so, it makes me wonder what it would be like if humans adopted logic and rid themselves of emotion, as your people have.

Soval: Doctor, I suspect that if humanity adopted logic, we would not be sitting here having this conversation; you would have yielded to the simple truths of your situation with your "hourglass project" and left me in piece to file my reports with Starfleet Command.

*Lassiter smiles.*

Dr Lassiter: I see your point.

*Lassiter stands.*


*He then walks out onto the Bridge just as Commander T'las, the ship's half-Vulcan half-Human First Officer, steps into the threshold.*

T'las: Admiral.

Soval: Come in, Commander.

*She takes a seat across from him.*

T'las: The Doctor still wants to return to his lab?

Soval: Indeed. How humans can remain so stubborn when the futility of their situation is obvious, I do not understand. And the more obvious the futility, the more stubborn they become.

T'las: Perhaps that is one emotion you should have taken into account when you wrote that novel.

*Soval raises an eyebrow at T'las, though letting a slight hint of amusement creep onto his face.*

Soval: A joke, T'las?

*T'las smiles back at him.*

T'las: An observation, Soval.

Soval: Indeed?

It sounded like humour. Human humour, in fact.

Well, Commander, did you have something to report?

*T'las produces a PADD and hands it to Soval.*

T'las: Tomorrow's Duty Roster for your review, Admiral. We also have Captain Allington aboard the Victorious asking for a status report on Starbase 41, and the rest of the 41st Fleet.

Soval: Very well.

*He glances over the roster before placing his thumbprint authorisation and handing it back to T'las.*

Inform the Captain that he shall receive a full report tomorrow at 09:00 Earth Standard.

T'las: Aye, sir.

Soval: Anything else?

*T'las stands, shaking her head.*


*OOC: I've used my in-game characters here as they're the ones I am most familiar with, but if you wish to create new ones altogether, feel free. The only limit to how many characters you can run is how many you can keep up with!*

voporak 06-10-2013 02:44 PM

OOC: Quick Q- this is a totally different universe/timeline/place from the other rp thread, right?

ryan218 06-10-2013 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by voporak (Post 10736231)
OOC: Quick Q- this is a totally different universe/timeline/place from the other rp thread, right?

Correct. The only similarity is this also follows the STO timeline. Aside from that, clean slate.

BTW, you jumped on this thread pretty quick, Voporak. I hadn't even posted the link to this on the other thread yet!

voporak 06-10-2013 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by ryan218 (Post 10736271)
Correct. The only similarity is this also follows the STO timeline. Aside from that, clean slate.

BTW, you jumped on this thread pretty quick, Voporak. I hadn't even posted the link to this on the other thread yet!

I wanted to put in some cool intro for Voporak as the first reply. :D

logang19 06-10-2013 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by voporak (Post 10736511)
I wanted to put in some cool intro for Voporak as the first reply. :D

OOC: the man out of place with time lol. Ryan give me a little time to get a character and taht all set up and i will be happy to post here as well hm something science i think oh the possibilities.

voporak 06-10-2013 06:19 PM

OOC: I think it's time I explored the interior of my ship, since that's where generally everything takes place with Voporak. So, sit back and enjoy the tour.

*After having been through a strange, confusing twist of times and places, Voporak has once again shut himself up in his ship. Starfleet has forgiven him for several things he has done in the past, and Voporak remains the odd Admiral. The U.S.S. Black Phantom, a Sao Paulo class tactical warship, is in drydock above Earth. Voporak is overseeing that the resupply goes only as he wants it to.*

*In all, the ship has five decks and the bridge (going from bridge on top to deck 5 on the bottom), with the quarters, sick bay, lounge, mess hall, and holodeck being in the front area. The shuttlebay is a small, two-leveled area in decks 4 and 5. The back of the ship is for Engineering, the space behind the deflector the extremely limited science labs, and most of the rest of the ship is used up by weapons systems and labs. The absolute rear is the weapons bay, on deck 3 and 4. A containment door can be opened to drop mines off the ship. In addition to it all, there are some rooms and compartments that Voporak mostly keeps secret as well as a few cargo bays.*

*The bridge. It is unlike anything else seen before, custom designed by Voporak to fit his needs. The ceiling is rather short, like any other Defiant class. At the front is a rectangle viewscreen, which is winder than it is tall. As a whole, the bridge is loosely divided into two sections. Separating them is the captain's chair, with two chairs on either side. The main tactical console is directly behind, and together they resemble that of a Galaxy class ship's bridge. Along the sides of the front section are science and engineering/operations consoles and seats (the tactical console is only in that one spot behind the captain's chair). The rear section consists of communications and assorted multi-use consoles. Both sections come together to form a large oval. To the left of the center area (tactical station/command chairs) is a turbolift. There is also a second turbolift in the very back of the bridge, and off to the right of the center area is Voporak's ready room.*

*Voporak's ready room consists of a window, a desk off to the side, two couches, and a replicator, which is directly behind the desk (for Voporak's convenience). The desk is the most complex of all the things in the room. There are two miniature viewscreens, and the desk itself can display anything from the ship's computer - be it a book, a display of ship operations, or a game of cards.*

*The front half of the ship is quite basic, being like most other starships. Crew quarters, a mess hall, a lounge, and an observation lounge. Sickbay is probably the smallest ever known, being only one small room. The science lab is also extremely limited, as this is a warship.*

*The weapons labs are much more expansive and have many testing stations for new devices and tactical technologies. (not much to say about this place... it's where new weapons get developed)*

*Engineering, it is large but not all in one room. Main engineering is average sized, and centered around one thing: the temporal core. What began as a salvaged Borg temporal node was upgraded time and time again into a device wholly integrated with the warp core that can open rifts to other timelines and time periods. Main engineering has a subtle green glow to it thanks to the temporal core giving off a sickly, pale light. There are work stations and consoles all around that monitor and regulate the core. The other rooms that surround Main engineering contain general operations controls and controls for systems such as the deflector and weapons.*

*The weapons bay is essentially a two-deck room that can open to space. Torpedoes, tricobalt devices, and other deployable weapon devices are stored here, and on more than one occasion have been dropped off the back of the ship. There are control consoles lining the walls and a crane-like mechanism that can move weapons around as needed.*

*Finally, the shuttlebay. Positioned on the bottom of the ship, it comes complete with a whole two Danube-class runabouts and Voporak's personal Delta Flyer class shuttle. The room is circular, with two levels, all centered around an area of the floor which can lower down to allow shuttles to leave the ship.*

*The Black Phantom's hull is made of tritanium, plated in neutronium alloy. Three shield arrays protect the ship, one of which is a temporal shield. The temporal shield protects from temporal jumps, fluxes, and anomalies. Up front are four cannons lined along the nacelles, a dual beam bank, a torpedo tube in the deflector dish, and two torpedo tubes in the back with a turret on top of the ship. The ship usually uses antiproton energy for its weapons, but does have a second, much deadlier, experimental, and dangerous weapon. Developed in the weapon labs and upgraded with other technologies, the ship can fire Omega particle weaponry. The Black Phantom has a powerful cloaking device and can reach a top warp speed of 9.9994 - still remaining undetectable.*

logang19 06-10-2013 07:53 PM

U.S.S. Babylon
Intrepid refit class science vessel.
Commanded by Captain Ranle
Current location ESD

Timothy Ranle walked out of his quarters on ESD. Walking towards the club to get his early mornin drink and breakfast. When over the comm

Comm: Captain Ranle please report to the admirals office.

He lets out a sigh as he knows breakfast will no elude him. He thinks to himself this had better be good. After there last mission the ship just had to be destroyed. He never said why and neither had his crew. But that meant it had taken even longer for him to get a ship. He streightens his uniform as he walks into the admirals office.

Timothy: sir

Quinn( He would still be here right lol i got way to many post going through my head its hard to keep streight) Captain i have a vessel and a mission for.

TImothy: shocked Sir!

Quinn: a intrepid refit the U.S.S. Babylon and your mission will be sent to you once you get aboard and get used to her.

Timothy salutes: yes sir

He walks out of the admirals office with a bit of joy in his step as he walks to the club. Maybe today wont go to bad after all.

voporak 06-10-2013 08:04 PM


Transporter officer 1: Now now, looks who's transporting?

Transporter officer 2: That's the strange Admiral, isn't it?

Transporter officer 1: Yeah, it is. I've heard some tall tales about him. There was some incident with him a few years ago.

Transporter officer 2: Energizing.

*The matter stream forms and Voporak materializes on the pad*

Transporter officer 1: Morning, Admiral.

*Voporak glances at them, before walking out of the transporter room without a word*

Transporter officer 2: Quirky fellow, isn't he?

*Voporak has no particular objective in mind, walking to the club. He goes to the bar*

Voporak: Romulan ale.

*He takes the glass and sits in a dark corner, at a table by himself, appearing to others as if he needs someone to brighten up his day.*

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