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Thermal and overheating issues!
Thermal issues:
Here is the break down with thermal (overheating) related issues. First off like most of the new generation games, Star Trek online is using a higher amount of CPU, memory, and GPU power to play. What this means is since a larger percentage of your hardware is utilized so there is an increase the amount of heat is going to be generated from your system. CPUs and GPUs are designed by default to be capable of running at 100% for longer periods of time, and this is something software and hardware developers test for. So a system running at 100% is completely acceptable, and should not cause issues.

So with this information in mind here are the most common causes for over heating systems.

Dirty case:
You computer can accumulate a large amount of dust from prolonged use. Cleaning your case with compressed air cans (That are designed for cleaning computers; DO NOT USE A COMPRESSOR) on a regular basis can help keep your system healthy. Refrain from using any type of cloth, paper towel, or fluids to clean you system. Make sure you use antistatic devices any time when you open your case to reduce the risk of damaging your hardware.

Insufficient Cooling:

In many instances the fans that are provided with your computer are the bare minimum for cooling. This is especially true if you have added new hardware to your system (I.E. Aftermarket graphics cards, additional hard drives, additional memory), and most of the time the default cooling cannot make up for the increase in heat. These issues can be resolved by adding more fans, larger fans, or different types of cooling systems to your case. If modifying your cooling systems is not an option there are cases available on the retail market that can provide additional or different cooling options.

Over clocking your system:
Over clocking is a method that is used by many advanced computer users to attempt to access more of the systems performance power by pushing the components beyond the factory limits. When you over clock a system there is a dramatic increase in system heat as your components are working harder than intended. If this increase in heat is not accounted for when you over clock system this can lead to hardware failure or abnormal functionality. We do not support over clocking as it can produce unseen issues and failures. If you are experiencing issues with Star Trek online and your system is over clocked please reset your system to the factory defaults. With the system at the factory defaults try to reproduce the issue, and it no longer appears then over clocking may have been the culprit.

If none of these factors apply to your situation please feel free to contact our tech support department.

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I've been running a program called "Core Temp" that gives me load and temp of each core. It will display it on the gaming keyboard like my G15(to monitor load and temps in real time while gaming), and/or it shows both high and low temp since the last time you reset the high/lows. So, I reset it, play some STO, then when I exit, I can see the hottest each core got.

Not responsible for any damage use of this program may cause!!! (ok, there's the CYA)

This only gives CPU Cores, not GPU cores.

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For GPU core temps i can recommend RivaTuner.
However i am not posting a link, as it is also an overclocking tool and can damage your hardware if used improperly.
But if your really interested just search on google, at least you know it exists.

Archived Post 01-21-2010 11:51 AM

and now for the budget solution to this:

My gaming rig is having this issue, my fix was to open the case up, take a 10 dollar Walmart small floor fan and have it blow outside air over the motherboard and CPU. This cooled my temps down by 20c when running the game at max settings and have not had this problem since. Is is a stop gap solution until I can get a new heatsink and fan for my CPU.

Archived Post 01-21-2010 12:47 PM

Turning off PhysX and Post processing as well as turning on Vsync and typing in the command the developer provided that caps my fps at 100 has cut 10C off my rig while playing.

Archived Post 01-21-2010 01:05 PM

Yup my 9800 gtx custom heatsink with 12 mm fan is OVER HEATING and its not in OC
Smart doc was showing 102 c wtf this is the only game that gets it overheated ?

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Originally Posted by ICRageman
Yup my 9800 gtx custom heatsink with 12 mm fan is OVER HEATING and its not in OC
Smart doc was showing 102 c wtf this is the only game that gets it overheated ?

My GTX 260 is about 80 C when playing STO. And the Card is overclocked. Heatsink is stock...

Custom heatsink? Maybe it is not mounted correctly?

Archived Post 01-21-2010 01:14 PM

I have also experienced this issue, esp. since the last patch. My CPU seems to be fine but its maxing out my GPU and the fan runs like crazy.. heck, thats just from trying to sign in :/ Games that run our systems like this are BAD imo, plz fiz the issue (if possible)

Lt. Cdr. Phelissa

Archived Post 01-21-2010 01:35 PM

My cpu AMD 6400 + with core temp was going 80 c the 2 core's .
My cpu aint that great no more still dont get how that game can stress my system like that i have no probs running crysis all max video setting .
I am shure it is the last patch that hase some thing to do with it .

Archived Post 01-21-2010 01:47 PM

In case it helps someone: Its very difficult to get reasonable temperatures on my crossfired 5870s with them right next to each other, I have seen the same problem with older ATI and Nvidia boards. Watercooling of course solves this problem. (ordered some anyway to enable more overclocking but its taking ages) In the meantime I have simply seperated them into opposite slots. If you have a tri SLI or Quad SLI / Crossfire motherboard make sure the primary card is in the slot it has to be. Then if your board permits seat the other card a little further away and not so it obstructs the fan of the other.. I have a heavily modded case with improved airflow but even so with one 5870 blocking the fan of the other it was never going to be happy as there was no way for the air to flow to the cards fan or hardly between the boards at all. Now the fans are nice and quite and idle along at much lower rpm well even under significant loading. They never seem to go over 35ish now and I keep them on auto. Temps are always under 61 on the primary card and far less on the second. STO doesnt seem to use crossfire anyway so the second card is largely irrelevant for now.

It seems obvious but alot of people dont realise that you can simply get a longer SLI or Crossfire cable and seat one card further away if your board permits it. The benefits too cooling are pretty huge. The difference between your fans howling away and being irritating as hell (maybe even risking heat dmg to your boards) and a quiet cooler PC.

Sorry if it seems obvious but I have seen so many people sticking them next to each other even though they dont need too I thought I would mention it. If you do this on an EVGA X58 board for example you get 1/2 mm between the 2 cards and totally obsure one of the fans. No wonder they get hot!.

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