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daharmasterklag 06-16-2013 01:13 AM

TOS Romulan Uniforms: leg distortion
I love the new Romulan TOS uniforms except for one major glitch on the female uniform.

When the uniform skirt is applied the upper thighs distort and become too skinny creating a very bizarre looking gap between the upper thighs right below the skirt. If you switch back and forth at the tailor from pants to the skirt you can see how the thigh model becomes too straight and skinny... it is as though something were wedging them apart ruining the look. I'd love it if you could fix that, every time I look at my Romulan Captain on the ground or the login screen it bugs the daylights out of me and kills the aesthetics.

The only other minor issue on the Romulan uniforms has to do with the sash and shirt, if you want to try and match the sash to the right half of the shirt it is almost impossible to match colors, you can get close but not exact.

Otherwise they are an excellent addition to the game! :)

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