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lord7tareq 06-17-2013 12:14 PM

The Big Romulan Wishlist Topic
Even though most people enjoy Legacy of Romulus, now that a month has passed I am noticing and also hearing from other players who notice the same, that a lot of features and specifically customization options that are available to the KDF and Federation are missing for the Romulans. Truth be told, the expansion feels very much rushed. In the hope of improvements to the game I like, I thought I'd create this topic where we, the Romulan playerbase, can express our wishes.
If you feel anything is missing, please do not hesitate to post it in this topic and I will add it to this post.

Updated: 19-06-2013

Customisation Wishes:

1. Allow Romulan players to put the fleet symbol on their ships like KDF and Federation players can.

2. Allow fleets to use the Tal Shiar parts in their fleet costume. Atm, an error is given when these costume pieces are picked for the fleet uniform. On a more general note, the whole fleet uniform creation screen seems somewhat bugged. In the preview window is just a brownish blur at least for some players.

3. Allow trophies to be placed on Romulan ships. For many players, hunting hard to get trophies by finishing accolades or reaching 1th place in a fleet action is an important meta-game, and it makes no sense that both Federation and KDF players have full trophy functionality, but Romulan players have not.

4. Allow tailor unlocks for collecting endgame sets to be unlocked by Romulan players. At the moment these tailor unlocks do not work for Romulan players.

5. Please consider offering a special project, that turns a max level Federation or Klingon starbase into a Romulan starbase, using the exterior and interior of Gasko station, as seen in the Romulan mission Gasko Blues. This would provide for some Romulan flavour with as little development effort as possible as Gasko station is already ingame. Offer another special project to replace the Klingon/Federation guards with Romulan guards.

6. Please consider releasing a (c-store) uniform in the TNG style as can be seen here:

Romulan TNG uniforms
Romulan TNG uniform close-up

7. The Romulan crew uniforms are terrible. The women look like waitresses and the men look like car mechanics. Please change the crew uniform to a slightly more neutral uniform. Better still, allow players to set a crew uniform for their crews.

8. Allow us to rename and/or dismiss Tovan Khev.

9. Warbird ship customization is fairly poor. A welcome improvement in that regard would be the option for Warbird Decals that can be applied to the underside of the Warbirds similar to that of the T'liss (TOS) Warbird

Accuracy Issues:

1. The Romulan Plasma weapons from the Romulan Reputation store firing animation look nothing like the Romulan weapons we see fired on the shows. Please change the weapon firing gfx to what we see Romulans use in the shows. Alternatively, please create an identical set of weapons to the Romulan reputation store with a different name (i.e. "Vintage Romulan Plasma") which has the classic disruptor visuals, so those of us who wish to emulate what we have seen on the shows for years can do so.

Romulan weapons in the show:
D'deridex firing beam weapons
D'deridex firing torpedo's
Romulan beam pistol firing

2. The disintegration effect for Romulan weapons should be green.

Disintegration effect in the show:
Romulan weapon disintegration

3. The D'deridex model is not entirely accurate: (thanks to morkargh117 for pointing these out and providing screenshots)

- At the underside of the "beak" there should be a ziggurat-like structure as can be seen here:



- There should be an (optional) Romulan Star Empire symbol at the upper section of the head:


Romulan "identity" issues:

- The BOff ability "Boarding Party" launches Klingon "Toron-class" shuttles (KDF-aligned) or Federation shuttlecraft (Federation-aligned) for Romulan players. I'd like to suggest that this ability uses Kestrel Runabouts for Romulan players.

- KDF aligned Romulan Warbirds sometimes use the red Klingon warp trail when warping out of a system instead of the proper green Romulan one.

- Non-Romulan Republic bridge officers use the Federation or Klingon beam in/beam out visual instead of the green Romulan one when part of a Romulan crew. This includes unique BOff rewards from featured episodes such as the Reman bridge officer.

- We'd like to see Romulan liberated Borg DOffs available in the Omega rep store if you unlock the store option for liberated Borg DOffs. Right now Romulan players are stuck with FED or KDF ally DOffs in the liberated Borg store.

Ships/Items/Gameplay suggestions:

- We'd love to see a Sword of the Raptor Star replica melee weapon for Romulan/Reman players, akin to the Shard Sword of Khaless KDF players get.

- It would be great to see a flyable TOS D-7 Romulan battlecruiser sometime in the future.

To be continued...

sollvax 06-17-2013 12:30 PM

1 either restrict the Federation from Fleet mark events until level 20 OR allow the KDF access to them

2 KILL toven khev

3 Mk XII plasma rifles

thedarkphenoix 06-18-2013 03:37 AM

1 - Romulan D7 and iterations of cruisers between the D7 and D'deridex

2 - Science ships

3 -Reman Style starships.

diotw 06-18-2013 03:52 AM

Long term? A Rator III social zone.

shaanithegreen 06-18-2013 03:53 AM

1) TOS Bird of Prey decal on as many ships as possible.

2) Sword of the Raptor Star replica, at least on par with the Shard Sword of Khaless.

voicesdark 06-18-2013 06:38 AM

1) Interior and Exterior Romulan "costumes" for Fleet bases. Not really worried about having them for the Embassy and holdings in the Fleet base space map as of yet. Embassy makes sense it would still be ally specific, and the holdings surrounding the base could be infrastructure aid from your allies.

2) Faction specific Cargo Transports.

3) Commodity Trading system, with random availability from brokers and random buy/sell prices.

4) Conversion of later episode missions to be more Romulan Centric.

andoriansrus 06-18-2013 07:33 AM

I want Warbird Decals or various decals that can be applied to the underside of the Warbirds similar to that of the T'liss (TOS) Warbird

quiiliitiila 06-18-2013 07:43 AM

Reman Psionic powers... We get so see all of these cool powers that NPC Remans use, but all we get is Mind Drain (we don't even get telekinisis!?!). Give us traits with the NPC psionic powers, I'd gladly give up all of my other traits for some psychic clones and a short CD psionic attack.

More cloaks/capes and sashes. The Tal-Shiar NPCs have some sick looking sashes and draperies, my Reman wants some of those too!

Release the Scimitar already... Jeez :P

pweistheworst 06-18-2013 02:45 PM

GREAT thread!

I really wish there was an option to change the current fleet starbase interior/exterior to the Romulan Gasko starbase!

That would save devs from having to figure out how to give the Romulan faction starbases after they've already had the allied starbase system in place.

I'm fine if it's a T5 unlock ... gives Romulan-focused fleets something to aim for and a real reason to push their fleets to a T5 starbase.

I'd also like to see Romulan liberated Borg DOffs available in the Omega rep store if you unlock the store option for liberated Borg DOffs. Right now Romulan players are stuck with FED or KDF ally DOffs in the liberated Borg store.

pweistheworst 06-19-2013 06:44 AM

Another thing I'd love to see for the Romulan faction is for the devs to make The Vault a functional Reman starbase that can only be visited by Romulan faction players.

Think of it like Ganalda space station for the KDF only this one would be for ROM faction players, it would be full of Reman NPCs and have lots of Borg tech everywhere.

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