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pwebranflakes 06-26-2013 11:41 AM

Release Notes: June 27, 2013

  • Our summer event on Risa goes live at 10AM PDT!
  • All factions now have an off duty costume slot and access to off duty clothing.
    • To gain access to this slot, create a new uniform, save it (by clicking the 'purchase' button), and return back to the tailor's main screen. When you go to edit the new uniform, the dropdown choice for 'Off Duty' should become available.
  • Fleet Dilithium Mine Outpost
    • Removed a typo on the name of the Mine Interior.
    • Minor graphical adjustments on the Interior and Exterior map.
  • The Shield Adaptive Frequency Generator on the Valdore has been tuned so it no longer outpaces its intended healing rate.
  • Groups of Elachi ships should no longer fire their Crescent Wave Cannon all at once.
  • Updated the tool tip for all MACO Resilient Shield Arrays to note that the power absorption does not stack with Plasmonic Leech.

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