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javaman1969 06-28-2013 06:48 PM

Tailor and outfits confusion
I posted this elsewhere, but, this board seems more appropriate:

When I started playing this game there were 3 costume slots at the old pre-LOR tailor shop
1) Uniform
2) Off duty
3) fleet uniform (unavailable until I join a fleet)

I picked out a uniform and an off duty costume. I didn't like the off-duty costume at all, the options were limited, but I've been too busy on missions to pay any attention to the off-duty costume. Now, of course I'm interested in picking out something Risa appropriate. That's when I discovered that now I only have my uniform slot and the unused fleet uniform slot. My off duty costume and off duty costume slot are both gone and I don't know where they went. The Tailor Dialog box says "2 Additional outfits" in the bottom left corner, but It's not clear how to access those.
The button to toggle between the different types of outfits is on uniform and greyed out so It can't be changed. I guess I have to go buy new costume slots. another glitch, I guess.

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