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mgmirkin426 06-29-2013 08:40 PM

Bug / Feature request? ability to "drop" reputation events?
Som a long time ago, jsut before the end of the crystalling catastrophe event, I picked up the event in my reputation screen. But I never actually started or finished it. Now I want to start the Risian event in my reputation screen for the chance at a Risian Corvette. Unfortunately, the Crystalline Catastrophe event is clogging up the queue and I'll probably never actuall be able to complete it, if only 'cause at this point I don't have all that much interest in it.

It would be really nice if there were the ability to "drop" reputation missions / events (with a yes/no confirmation dialog to prevent accidents). Sure, you'd lose whatever progess you'd made and whatever stuff you may have invested in it, but at least you could move on to the next thing.

I mean this mostly for personal reputation system events & missions. But I suppose a general option could be implemented for the fleet system too, if you really thought it was a good idea. For instance if someone accidentally started the Tribbles upgrade when you really wanted a different upgrade. And admin could "drop" the one accidentally started, etc.

But, again, mainly mean it for the "personal stuff." It would be nice if there was just a "drop" feature like with most other missions...

monkeybone13 06-30-2013 07:08 PM

There is a second slot for event reputation. Also, you can now cancel projects that are next in a slot for all types of reputation (Romulan, Events, Omega, Nukura, etc.). This way if you set the Risan Corvette to be next in the same slot as the Crystalline event by mistake, you can cancel the Corvette project and move it to the next slot down. Just click the project and in the top right of the window under the info is the cancel button.

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