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teknesia 07-01-2013 12:19 PM

For a Fed re-make, a suggestion.
Dstahl has recently commented on the idea of making the federation content better and more up to date like the Romulan stuff and some... of the Klingon story. Here's some suggestions:

A) The Federation is much bigger than either the Romulan Republic or the Klingon Empire. As such, our missions take us out to much greater distances to do stuff and as we acquire more goods, we have to travel a longer distance to get back. Transwarp and Azura II take care of some of this, but I would recommend putting a starbase interactive from space in the Regulus system. Starfleet is huge and in the various series, it's a common theme that the Enterprise does not just go back to Starfleet to restock on supplies.

B) I'm sure Cryptic knows this, but some of the missions are downright cut-throat and awkward for a Starfleet officer.

C) It may seem off-beat, but the Klingons can always use love. While the new Klingon content is really nice. I do mean nice. I'd like to see the older episodes updated at least a smidge. The one where you attack Starfleet feels like a grind. As does the other one concerning the demons from Klingon lore.

D) While we are on the subject of Klingons, building an Orion in the KDF still doesn't make much sense and neither does it for Nausicaans and Gorn. It's my sole opinion that it would be very neat if Cryptic decided to charge for content in this venue giving a story arc explaining your loyalty to the Empire and a deeper understanding of said cultures' lore.

teknesia 07-01-2013 12:21 PM

Oh! And one last thing! End-game content really feels like it's something for Starfleet. I'm bored with both my Romulan and KDF. Also, can we have an option for Romulan specific Foundry missions in the same vain as they are attached to Klingon and Starfleet specific missions? Thanks.

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