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Archived Post 01-24-2010 09:33 AM

Can't connect to Game Server
I was doing a misison called Friend of my Enemy and I was in the lab portion. I exited the lab and got booted. Now when I try to log in that character I get server not responding then the error message Can't Connect to Game Server.

I tried logging in my klingon character and that works no problem, then I logged out and tried my fed character and still gets the error.

Archived Post 01-24-2010 09:35 AM

same here. I zoned into Celes, and got disconnected, and can't log in now.

Archived Post 01-24-2010 09:37 AM

same here for sierra system

Archived Post 01-24-2010 09:38 AM

Yep, same thing for me

Edit: Booted me back to sector space after about 5 mins, at least I can continue playing though

Archived Post 01-24-2010 09:46 AM

Get Kicked out for changeing zones, etc.
I have been haveing this issue for three or more days now. First I cannot connect to the game, I get the message "Disconnected from account server". After it seems like several hundred tries I finally get in. One in if I change Sector, Instance, or enter any system or enemy signal contact, I get kicke to the login screen. If I beamdown to a surface I get kicked to the login screen.

This is very aggervating, and the it takes 15-30 mins of clicking login to finally get in to the game, only to get kciked out if I change anything.

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