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cantoneverett 08-18-2013 10:35 PM

Ship Recommendations?
Well, after a lot of scrounging for dil and doing surveys, I've past the 2000 zen mark and 2500 is within reach, so I figured I'd look at the C-store ships and figure out what to buy. Of course, the selection there is pretty huge, so I reckon I should ask for advice before putting my money down.

My main toon is currently a KDF Sci Captain, with a bunch of ships already: Mirror Vo'quv, Hegh'ta Heavy BoP, Scourge Retrofit, Kamarag Retrofit, and the Marauder Cruiser. My alts are Fed Engineering (in an odyssey), Fed Tactical (patrol escort), Fed Science (Nebula Retrofit) and a Romulan Tactical (Ha'Feh).

My taste in ships runs towards "cool" - I'd rather have a bag of neat tricks than something that just does overwhelming damage, provided that said tricks can finish the combat before it starts to drag and get boring.

Anyone have any advice?

starsword1989 08-18-2013 11:34 PM

Hi, I figured I'll post my opinion since there's no reply so far. Personally I feel that the most interesting ship for klingon so far is the Karfi carrier.
1) It is a science ship, which gives you the most fun in terms of the variety of roles you can play as: crowd control, disable/ drain, healer, etc.
2) it is a 2-hangar Carrier and it has access capable hangar pets. The frigates are great, and if you want to equip other pets, kdf do provide access to the coolest pets in the game.
3) if you are worried about dps, the 4 fore 3 aft Weapons slot, with the capability to equip dual cannons should take you past pve without much problem (the turn rate is too low for pvp)
5) it is visually cool, and costs only 2000 Zen.

Just my 2 cents
I have one and personally like it;:)

sander233 08-18-2013 11:48 PM

I was gonna say, Kar'fi has a nice combination of "tricks" and great damage potential. It's like your Mirror Vo'Quv, but way eviler.

You might also want to look at the Garumba siege destroyer. It's party piece is the disruptor javelin, which is a lot like the Death Star's superlaser. It's pretty hilarious when used right, and I don't see many of them around so it's got a nice unique feel to it.

Otherwise, if you fleet access, the Fleet Vo'Quv has more sci console and BOff slots than your mirror model. Or the Varanus Fleet Support Vessel is basically a strait-up science ship with a healthy diversity in its console and BOff layout. If you go with the Varanus, be sure to get the C-store version first which will give you the repair platform console and a discount on your fleet modules.

Hope that helps!

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