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hasukurobi 08-20-2013 03:09 PM

My Atrox Build
I have been asked many many many times to give help building a proper Atrox. So I have done a video showing my entire Atrox Build which dishes out some terrifying damage and still tanks like a super fortress. It can heal its friends, heal itself, and utterly murder enemies.

Also, it is not the most expensive build out there by any stretch. I am not using fleet weapons, just Rep gear, not using any Lobi gear, the only piece of pricy gear is one embassy console.

So here you go:

satanailofhwbg 08-21-2013 04:27 AM

My personal opinion is that this build as it is, is all over the place. I fast-forwarded the video (no sound).
There are a couple of things that I think are better to be done:

- loose the time reduction Flight Deck officer
- you can get purple Gravimetrics after completing the assignment chain in the Eridani Belt
- put 2 Damage control engineers (may be blue, not necessary to be purple - if you have T4 engineering, you can replicate purple and blue emergency damage control holograms)
- weapons and consoles - that's where the problem is - all beam setup would work better because of the non-existent maneuverability, then you won't need the Aux2Damp (can replace it with EPtW3).
- you can get gravity gens pretty cheap if you would like to specialize in CC
- (this one is important) - the elite scorpions love Attack Pattern Beta!
- Adapted MACO 2 piece set gives +7 to Aux. (and +25% projectile damage, from which your current setup will benefit)

In the presented STF (KASE, or Khitomer Vortex Elite for the newer captains), you should be able to clear 2 cubes, 2 transformers and a gate in about 10 minutes, given that there is a teammate doing nothing but probes. (that happens quite often to me)

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