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cicuta1 08-21-2013 05:21 AM

Reputation recycle old items
This is what I think we should add to the reputation system.
Like most of us use different marks to obtain items from the various reputation system example borg cutting beam from the omega reputation and a hyper-plasma torpedo launcher from the romulan system. But as all the items we are able to obtain get better in level in higher tier .... why not recycle the old ones that you do not use anymore. Gaining a bit in return lets say a percentage of the reputation marks you used to obtain the item itself .... hens not having to grind for more reputation marks over and over again. Personally i dont use lower tier items, so if i have a better/higher tier why should i use the old one .... Right now there is no way to "recycle" or anything what comes close to it for items/gear you do not use anymore because you have a better higher level gear. The only thing you can do is "discard/delete" the item to make room ... but what i am trying to say here why not have a use for it ... hence recycle. Getting some of the reputation marks you used to get the old item BACK to you.

recycle ....

farseeridranel 08-21-2013 06:45 AM

well recycle or upgrade. If we get the Mk X Borg set at the beginning of the reputation, then it would be nice, if we could just upgrade it to Mk XI and XII as soon as we get to the right tier.

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