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hasukurobi 08-22-2013 10:19 PM

New Ground Weapon Slots Requested
Currently we are all but force fed either some kind of rifle or a pulsewave from the Rep sets which ultimately leaves our secondary weapon of choice somewhat limited because it is very useful to have a sword but it is also extremely useful to have a pulsewave or compression pistol. So what I am a proposing is that with all these weapons perhaps we really need to have 3 slots to place our weapons that would work like this.

First is the Melee slot which would only be for Swords, Lirpa, etc type Weapons and MAYBE the Whip but that may fall into the next category.

Second is the Close Range slot which would be for Pistols and Pulsewaves and MAYBE the Whip.

Third is the Long Range slot which basically is for everything else.

This way we can have several ranges of weapons to choose from when we switch and always have a melee weapon handy when we cannot remodulate or other circumstances like that come up.

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