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dave18193 08-24-2013 08:44 AM

Refracting Tets range?
Does anyone know what the refract range is on the Refracting Tetryon weapons? (specifically interested in the MK12 DHC's).

I LOVE the hyper refracting Dual Beam Bank, with its 100% bounce chance wrecking stupid pets and mines.

The 3 piece bouncing B03 has even done serious damage to tight formations in PVP.

The thing is a 2.5% chance is a lot less appealing than 100%, and that would be even less desirable if it had a low range. On the other hand, 4 refracting dhc's would rack up a lot of bounces over a 10km range.

Anyone know?

ajax1983 08-29-2013 08:08 AM

I don't have a combat parser, so I'll just give you my observations.

I've been running the Nukara set and weapons on my Risian Corvette for about a month or so now. It's a pretty gimmicky ship, which is what I was going for. Just something to play with and have fun.

The refracting active abilities you get from getting to tier 5 of the rep system and the three piece Nukara set are nice. The Hyper-Refracting DBB is also nice.

I'm also running the Web Mine Launcher, a Chroniton Torp, 2 Nukara Heavy Cannons, and 2 Nukara Turrets.

As you know, the abilities that refract 100% of the time are keen! But otherwise, I've only seen my other weapons proc a refract a couple times on their own in the month I've run them. The effect is just too unlikely. I don't know the range, but it's probably within 3-4km. So the odds of having multiple targets within 3-4km, with a 2.5% chance of a refraction, the ability is not a game changer.

The additional shield drain from the Nukara weapons is nice, but they're still not enough to bring Tetryon weapons back into the game. They're fun and worth buying if you're looking for a gimmicky build like I was, but these weapons are still duds for serious playing.

dahminus 08-29-2013 08:16 AM

3km. If your going the bouncers, I trust you have a gravity well. A bounce proc that has no where to go is wasted.

dave18193 08-29-2013 11:03 AM

Thanks for saving me 80,000 dil chaps.

If only the range and/or proc chance were higher, theyd be incredible. Look at how good the hyper DBB is.

At least tetryons are better this season, IMO. Shields are tougher than ever, the hyper DBB is incredible and the 2 piece bonus gives a nifty +8% to tetryon damage.

fraghul2000 09-05-2013 07:23 AM

Yes, the proc is horrible. They should either raise the proc chance or the proc range a bit. I know that weapon mods aren't supposed to create uber-dps, but at least it should be close to other mods.

A few of my parses. I included the regular DPS from the beams, to see and compare how many hits were necessary to create a proc, and how "much" DPS they were dishing out. In theory the chance for a proc is 2,5%, but the chance of getting a proc, while another target is within 3 km is much, much lower in most situations, even when using 2 copies of Gravity Well.

Atrox, 6x Refracting Tetryons Mk. XII [acc]x2, 2x Gravity Well, no FaW

Cure Space:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 2.895
Tetryon Beam DPS: 3.502
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 16
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 19

Chrystalline Entity:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 862
Tetryon Beam DPS: 780
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 25
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 24

Infected Space Elite:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 1.550
Tetryon Beam DPS: 3.684
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 5
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 4

Mirror Invasion Run A:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 978
Tetryon Beam DPS: 2.756
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 6
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 13

Mirror Invasion Run B:

Tetryon Beam Hits: 1.029
Tetryon Beam DPS: 2.949
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 2
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 4

Federation Fleet Alert (Borg)

Tetryon Beam Hits: 2.327
Tetryon Beam DPS: 2.626
Tetryon Refraction Hits: 17
Tetryon Refaction DPS: 21

so in the End, any purple Tet Array from the exchange with accx2 plus a random modifier would be better than the refracting tet.

anothervisitor 09-07-2013 08:06 AM

I was going to buy a refracting tetryon set with dilithium but after reading this I definitely won't. Thx for the info, guys.

topset 09-07-2013 02:14 PM

Good for NWS!

EDIT: Also, Mark 11 purple consoles are dirt cheap. I have 5 sitting in the bank just in case, think I paid 700k each for them. Absolute bargain (compared to disruptors at 4-5m/each)

dave18193 09-09-2013 07:10 AM

Yeah. Literally any other mod would be superior, even DMG.

So fleet weapon not only do more damage, but they're alsso half the price. Totally pointless.

Just found them on the test vendor on DS9, and they dont even look that different from normal tetryons.

They would change my mind if they increased the range to at least 5km, and proc chance to 50 or even 25%. As it stands they are breathtakingly useless.

Still, the hyper DBB is still really, really good so at least us tetryon lovers have a new toy. Plus the Tet boost from the 2 pc bonus is nice.

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