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realisticalty 09-09-2013 03:27 PM

New Player Question : Stuck on a mission
Am level 11, on a mission where the enemies are just a little too hard. I might be able to kill them eventually but clearly, better ship amenities/skills would be a big help.

Should I leave this mission and come back to it later with better equipment? If so, can I play any of the "available" missions? The description doesnt say what level player they're suited for, and I'm afraid I'll loose my progress on the "Introductory" (tutorial?) track, can I come back to it?

Also I have no credits or anything at all. Is there an easy way someone at my low level can accumulate some modest resources (besides selling unneeded items)?

admrenlarreck 09-09-2013 05:08 PM

Sure you can leave a mission and come back to it later. as to the Tutorial missions being lost don't worry about that I have several lvl 50s with those missions uncompleted when I get around to em Ill go back and run them. but they are no big loss.

Which mission are you stuck on maybe I can give you some pointers on how to beat it.

psychickitty 09-09-2013 11:23 PM

I always say its difficult to not do a mission even if it is hard.

You can though...repeat missions you have done...which will give you a way to get more credits and things...because you can sell the items you get.

In fact I highly recommend keeping track of rewards because there are some missions that give some really good rewards....for example one mission I repeated a bunch of times....rewarded a special shield for your character or bridge officers. And so I repeated that mission many times to make sure not only did my captain have that shield but so did my away team and my other bridge officers.

Also items usually item rewards level up to your level as well. So there is one mission in particular I recommend you repeat that gives a special bio torpedo that has the extra nasty effect of killing the enemies crew.

shockwave85 09-10-2013 06:42 AM

One thing about this game is that missions scale to your level. If you drop a mission then come back at a higher level, the mission scales up. In this way, you can't really go out, buff up levels, then ROFLstomp the low level missions. What you probably need more than higher level or better gear is the correct gear. Can you tell us what mission it is, what your captain class is (Tactical, Engineering, Science), and what ship you're flying?

realisticalty 09-10-2013 09:25 AM

Ahh knowing missions scale with level is very helpful. I think a major part of my problem is I had not properly "redied" my new ship - as soon as I do that I'lll retry the mission and if I still have problems I'll post here again with more info.

Currently stuck on how to get my old bridge officers to new ship....

shockwave85 09-10-2013 10:30 AM

Bridge officers? They don't really exist on any one ship, they're just in your roster. The Stations tab in your status window should have pull downs to let you assign them to the various Bridge Officer stations on your ship. You can also assign your shuttle officer and default away team.

realisticalty 09-10-2013 11:28 AM

The stations tab in the status window!

That's -exactly- what I was looking for.

The issue of readying a new ship and assigning crew was my big sticking point. I didn't see any wiki articles about it and reading through the narration didn't give me specific details.

Excellent! Thanks very much, now I can move forward again!

shockwave85 09-10-2013 01:55 PM

Keep an eye on the bridge officers as you progress. You can, and probably should, change their powers by retraining them (available at your faction's home base ie: Space Dock, First City, New Romulus Command). Some good skills to carry:

Tactical Team 1 - Automatically balances your shields in the direction from which you are taking fire. Not necessarily a deal breaker early on, but is absolutely necessary at the end game if you don't want to die.

Weapon buffs (Cannon Rapid Fire/Scatter Volley, Torpedo Spread/High Yield, Beam Overload/Fire At Will) - Choose the ones that match your ship's weapons. If you're an escort, use Dual Heavy Cannons and a single torpedo up front, turrets on the back with Cannon and Torpedo skills. If a cruiser, use beam arrays front and back, with a torpedo up front (and maybe 1 on back too) and use beam and torpedo skills. Don't try to mix cannons, torpedoes, beams, mines. Pick maybe 2 kinds of weapons and their matching skills.


Emergency Power to Shields - Try to get two copies of Emergency Power to Shields and cycle them constantly. This is key to staying alive.

Reverse Shield Polarity - The "Oh S***!" button. Takes incoming fire and uses it to heal your shields. Has a long cooldown, so use for emergency, and only if you have room after 2 copies of EPtS.


Hazard Emitters: Clears damage over time (fire) and a few other things, plus heals hull over time. Practically required once you start fighting Borg and Undine. Pop an Aux battery right before using it to get much better healing.

Transfer Shield Strength: Shield heal over time and resistance buff. Also runs off Aux, so again use a battery to boost it.

Science Team: Quick shield heal and clears some of the game's nastier debuffs. Be aware, if you are using two copies of Tactical Team, Sci team will interrupt the cycle and potentially leave you vulnerable.

kamenriderzero1 09-11-2013 09:32 AM

I would move "Hazard Emitters" being required up to the Romulan missions, knowing how much they love grabing you with a tractor beam at close range and then pleting you with thier rapid fire high yield plasma torpedos.

to our OP;

You should also pay attention to you skill points, and to your Bridge officers' (we like to cut it down to "Boff") skill points and rank.

Each time you get promoted in rank for the first four ranks, you unlock the abilty to promote your boffs. If you're 11, Leutantant Commander (FED/KDF)/Uhlan (Romulan Republic), then you can promote them from ensign to Lt. Your prefered away team should be leveled up with you, since they can acess their ground powers, even if they can't use all thier space powers. (IE, three of my prefered bridge crew is also on my away team, they're all commanders to allow me all thier skills).

Also, placing certain "Duty Officers" (AKA "Doffs") (AKA that thing that poped up in your face when you reached level 11. used to unlock at 7, but they way they added the Romulans forced a change in that) on active duty will augment your Boff's abilties. IE there are doffs that will cut down on the boff abilty cooldown timers, so you can use thier powers again sooner. (also, filling up the doff in questions skill points on that abilty also shortens the timer)

realisticalty 09-12-2013 07:10 PM

shockwave85 and kamenriderzero1:

Thanks for all the advice on Boffs and Doffs. I'm just beginning to get the hang of the Boffs, just promoted a few, and trying to figure out good skills. I'm very sure I'm making all sorts of blunders and am hoping I can eventually respec them and it wont cost that much (as f2p).

I just started taking a look at the Doffs and that looks intimidating, I hope its either not essential or isn't nearly as complex as it looks.

Got my homework cut out for me, but I only have so much time, I've got an empire to rebuild and a bunch of rambunxious warring factions all after us :)

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