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monkeybone13 09-11-2013 12:26 AM

KDF - still can't use DS9 bundle duty officers until around level 23
I have a new orion character and I'm level 12 at the time of posting this. Duty officer system opens up at level 11 but I still can't use the doffs from the Klingon DS9 Bundle. I was able to claim the bundle to get the bajoran pistol, rifle, and duty officers. I was able to open the box and have the doffs added to my roster but they can't be used for ANY assignments at all.

I posted about this back in July and it's still broken. Creating a new thread to avoid necroing the old one, as per forum rules.

The Mol'rihan and Nukara tribbles in the c-store were fixed somewhat recently so that KDF, and romulans allied with KDF, can get them at the proper level instead of having to wait until around level 21. Why hasn't the KDF DS9 pack duty officers been fixed yet?

It's a purple and 2 blue quality doffs and I'm gonna have to wait until around level 23 before I can use them. At this point, even after buying a bunch of various doff packs (about 15 packs) from the exchange, I only have 1 blue quality doff, excluding the 2 from the c-store bundle that I can't use yet. Not a single pack gave me more than the minimum 1 green doff except for 1 pack that gave me a blue. :(

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