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bigdanwolf90 09-11-2013 03:29 AM

Hey, criptic, had an idea, and me and my fleet mates all agre on this, for those missions titled, "Spot Light", take away the hourly foundry limitations? See, our fleet, and i know hundres of others, use foundry missions to grind ou tmuch needed Dill for the game, for our base (we are only a 24 man fleet, divided between FED and KDF, as well as Dill mine and embasy holdings) As you can imagin, its difficult to grind out, oh, say, 800,000 MINIMUM dill needed for most starbse projects. Just a thought


wyndblade 09-11-2013 03:33 AM

I approve this message.

anazonda 09-11-2013 03:48 AM

I would not bet on this happening while... The sun exists.

The limitation was put in place because people exploited the system, and that is kinda what you are supposing as well.

I don't this this change is going back in any form.

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