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tordesigns 09-12-2013 03:04 PM

Texture and shader issues
I constantly have my game crash from either it being unable to load a texture correctly.Im greated by the game minimizing to a message box telling me something texture 256x128 has failed to load ,then the error report telling me the game has crashed.

Now my next issue witch sounds like the same issue to me, i get massive input lag or something similar to the point the game stalls and i get a loud noise (hard to describe and most likely person reading wouldn't understand it)then eventually crash's saying a dll that is part of nvidia's driver is the fault of the crash.I know recently nvidia has had some poor drivers for games which cause graphical issues where shaders would not run correctly for some games, im wondering if something similar is the cause of it its just a driver confliction something more on nvidias side.

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