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pwebranflakes 09-16-2013 03:02 PM

Wallpaper Contest! [Entry Period Ended]
Hello Captains!

For the first time ever, we're holding a 'Wallpaper Contest'! Have an in-game screen that you've taken that you think should be on every player's desktop? Submit it today for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Contest Begins: Now
Contest Ends: September 20, 2013 at 11:59 AM PDT

Contest Rules:

  • Participants may submit one (1) original, unaltered in-game screenshot by the date and time listed above.
    • The image should be linked in a reply to this post -- this will count as an official entry. If you are posting the link in [IMG][/IMG] tags, please also be sure to include the direct link to the image.
  • The image should be a minimum size of 1920x1200.
    • To take an image that is sized larger than your monitor, you can try using the "renderscale" chat command: /renderscale X
      • X = the scale number (i.e. 1.5 = 150% of normal scale, 2 = 200%, etc.).
      • It's best to start at 1.5 to see if your machine can handle the larger render.
      • Going over 3 is not recommended as most machines will be unable to support it and your game will crash.
        • Don't forget to revert back to the original scale after taking your screen! /renderscale 1
        • For advice from our art team on taking screenshots, check out this archived post.
  • We'll add the STO logo to the winning image, so please do not add one yourself.
  • Winning images will be selected by the PWE Community Team.


One (1) First Place prize: The one (1) winning image* will be featured in the official Wallpapers section of the site, with the creator's forum name holding the byline, as well as in a front-page news post. The 1st place winner will also receive 625 STO Promo Points for the C-Store.

Three (3) Runner-up prizes: A costume of their choice: ToS Formal Uniform, ToS Medical Uniform, ToS Tunic Uniform, or Enterprise Era Uniform.

Good luck, and let's boldly go where no one has gone before!


Brandon =/\=

*The winning image may be adjusted, edited or altered by the PWE Community Team in order to feature it as a wallpaper. This may include cropping, lighting adjustments, logo additions, etc.

sandormen123 09-16-2013 03:03 PM

AWESOME! /+a total of ten characters...

tifer 09-16-2013 03:15 PM

And the direct link.

leihngwei 09-16-2013 03:22 PM

I use the following macro for screenshots.

/bind "PrtScrn" "renderscale 2 $$ screenshot_jpg $$ renderscale 1"

You can change the key and the jpg to something else to your liking.

Can't wait to see the submissions.

cehus 09-16-2013 03:24 PM

Direct link

direphoenix 09-16-2013 03:24 PM

gah... only ONE? This is going to be tougher than I thought...

EDIT: I don't know if anyone else does this, but my Windows 7 desktop is set to choose a different random image from my STO screenshots folder every hour. I've got well over a thousand screenshots in there...

reinawatt 09-16-2013 03:26 PM


Direct link - - Scroll down to the last picture to see it, taken almost two years ago while on a patrol

thenewtraveler 09-16-2013 03:27 PM

Nearing the Wormhole

nxclass13 09-16-2013 03:35 PM

My Entry


nx170487 09-16-2013 03:39 PM

Here is my picture ;)

Direct Link

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